Get Elasticity, Moisture and Strength with This Hair Oil...

Gossypium herbaceum or cottonseed oil is a fixed oil extracted from the seeds of the cotton and is among the most common vegetable oils used in the US. It is often referred to as “America’s original vegetable oil and has been a part of the American diet since the 1800’s. Cotton has been around since ancient times and has even been found that people from 3500 BC wove cotton into cloth.

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How to Get Stronger Natural Hair

Many curlies may find themselves on the unfortunate side of damaged hair either from chemicals (e.g. color), heat styling, manipulation, or a variation of the three. It is common and may even be expected from time to time as we get bored, lazy, or overzealous during our hair journey. What is the harm if you repair and maybe even repent? Well, knowing how to properly repair is central to healthy hair.

We hear about the benefits of protein for hair as it temporarily repairs the damage inflicted to the hair’s cuticle, but is it the only protector for our strands? It would seem so since poor ceramides rarely get much love. There are more assets to strengthen or reinforce our hair’s backbone than just proteins, and while some feel proteins are everything, there are others that see ceramides as just as vital, if not more so.

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Ceramides for Natural Hair Length Retention

Almost every day, there seems to be a new miracle ingredient that promises to revolutionize haircare; powerful moisturizing, 5,5000x stronger hair, frizz-banishing, super nourishing, mega growing - the list goes on and on. Usually the new miracle ingredient is some sort of uber exotic oil that costs $40 for .5oz, and in truth, won't be any more discernibly different than your run of the mill virgin coconut oil that cost $7.

Today, we're going to take a different approach and talk about an ingredient that:

  • Is essential to healthy hair and growth
  • Is naturally occurring
  • Can be replenished fairly inexpensively

What ingredient is this? Ceramides.

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