Try This DIY Curl Definer

by Mary Wolff

The DIY trend has really picked up in recent years. While it has always been a staple of the curly hair community, there are more recipes than ever covering all areas of hair care. Here are a few of my favorite recipes for a quick DIY curl definer.

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Do THIS for the Best Curl Definition, Ever!

Do you struggle with the frizzies? I know I do. It seems to come along with the territory once you decide to go natural. You don’t have to scurry away in defeat, though; the battle against frizz can be won! Here are some practical tips that can guarantee success.


All About the Curly Girl Method


The Curly Girl Method, otherwise known as CG Method, was developed from Curly Girl: The Handbook, a book written by Lorraine Massey and Deborah Chiel which helps people embrace their natural hair texture. With that objective in mind, Massey described a new and revolutionary routine to get healthy, well-behaved waves, curls and coils.

To get you started, it's important to understand the basics of the Curly Girl routine. The number one rule is to eliminate use of shampoo, and instead embrace the process of "co-washing" or washing with conditioner. After you've mastered that, everything else will fall into place. Here are basic guidelines to get you started:

6 Methods and Techniques for Defined Natural Hair

CN Says: 
"I get my most defined wash and gos using the praying hands method on soaking wet, freshly cleansed, moisturized and detangled hair. After finger detanglig in the shower with a slippery conditioner (like Aussie Moist), I rinse thoroughly and step out of the shower. I then apply my leave-in and/or styling cream (preferably a thin, slippery, easily distributed product) of choice to the left side of my head and then the right, using the praying hands method. I do my best not to disturb the curls that formed during the finger detangling process earlier. Finally, I carefully finger curl any frizzy pieces (especially in the front) and allow my hair to air-dry un-manipulated. For shrinkier definition, applying the product with my bass brush results in great curl definition. It's all about what' you're going for!"

How to Get DEFINED Curls That Last- The Complete Guide!

by Susan Walker of DrWalkerWellness

Curl definition. It’s what many naturals want to achieve; yet it seems to elusive and unreal. Is it even possible? To have ultra-defined curls?

My natural hair journey began with the quest for the perfect gel and I spent countless hours researching information and experimenting with methods and techniques that work on my hair to get the best curl definition.

I investigated, researched, tried and err’d and now share what I discovered with you. Just keep this in mind: my hair type and texture is different from yours so you may be able to get away with using slightly different types of products, and modifying your technique somewhat while still getting great curl definition. However if you understand the principles you can tweak whatever you need to to get the perfect curl.

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Get the Most Defined Wash and Go, Ever!


When it comes to getting great curl definition that lasts, there are two important factors to consider: your product selection and application technique.

Even though I'm a product junkie with no rehab stint in sight, even I can admit that technique is more important. You can have the best curl defining products at your fingertips, but if you're not utilizing and applying them properly, you'll blame the product for the outcome of your style.

There are several methods for applying curl definers to hair, raking, smoothing, praying hands, and more. But there is one method that has been delivering the best results -- defined curls from root to tip that are plump, juicy, de-frizzed, and far from stringy ramen noodle style.
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