4 Curl Defining Tips for Natural Hair

by Charlene Walton of TexturedTalk.com

Last year I was so frustrated with my hair. After years of being natural I just did not understand why my natural curl pattern was not defined because I thought I was doing all the right things. I did not use heat often, I deep conditioned now and then and generally took “great” care of my hair. Thankfully, since I’ve started blogging I’ve become exposed to tons of new information I never knew about hair care. Around January, after months of frustration, I finally got serious. I read everything I could about the science of hair, created a regime and followed it consistently. Last week when I tried a wash & go for the 100 millionth time my results were amazing! So today I’m sharing 4 ways to enhance your natural curl pattern, all which are super easy to follow. I used these strategies religiously and went from frustration in November to popping curls by June.

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The Rake and Shake Technique for Curl Definition

When it comes to getting great curl definition that lasts, there are two important factors to consider: your product selection and application technique.

Even though I'm a product junkie with no rehab stint in sight, even I can admit that technique is more important. You can have the best curl defining products at your fingertips, but if you're not utilizing and applying them properly, you'll blame the product for the outcome of your style.

There are several methods for applying curl definers to hair, raking, smoothing, praying hands, and more. But there is one method that has been delivering the best results -- defined curls from root to tip that are plump, juicy, de-frizzed, and far from stringy ramen noodle style.

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Are you Too Concerned with Curl Definition?

by youfrogirl via GlobalCouture

Ummm YES!! No ifs, ands or butts about it. We, for some reason, are conditioned to think that only the spiral, loose, bouncy, soft, no frizz having curls are perfect, and if our hair isn’t like that then it’s bad. Do me a favor and look in the mirror. Now, repeat after me; “My hair is beautiful because it’s MY hair.” One more time; “My hair is beautiful because it’s MY hair.” That just made my heart smile. Thank you.

No shade to my natural gals who are blessed with the spiral, loose, bouncy, soft, no frizz having curls, but as a natural with tighter, frizzier curls AND coils, I can definitely relate to being overly concerned about having the “perfect” curl. In the beginning of my journey, I was very excited about being natural and learning about all of the different products and styles. That excitement wore off after some time once I was diagnosed with the “why won’t my hair do that?” syndrome. Yep, it’s a debilitating disease affecting naturals everywhere. But I’ve since found the cure. It’s called, Self Love and Acceptance. Just a little each day will clear that right on up! Get you some.

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DIY: Flaxseed Gel Curl Defining Custard

I believe that using natural, homemade ingredients are the most beneficial things you can put in your hair. I liken it to eating processed food versus raw fruits and vegetables. Of course, there are quality products out there, but sometimes it is nice to give your hair a treat by using homemade products. Here is a basic flaxseed gel, modified to be a custard. The custard aspect of it makes the gel a little creamier, which is something my hair loves.

What You'll Need
-¼ cup flaxseed gel
-1 tbsp aloe vera gel
-1 tbsp honey
-1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
-½ tbsp shea butter
-½ tbsp coconut oil

Curl Defining Methods for 4c Natural Hair (Does CG, Tightly Curly & Maximum Hydration Work?)

my hair after using the Tightly Curly Method

So the new buzz is the Maximum Hydration Method,  which claims to define curls in hair with no visible curl pattern and in hair with low porosity (hair that doesn't easily absorb water/moisture and products sit  on top of strands).  In summary, for 7 days, you consistently infuse moisture into your hair morning and night.  For a lot of naturals dreading wash day, this seems like a lot of work. It may or may not be so depending on your hair and your current regimen.  So the question on most Nigerian naturals' minds is will it work?

There are three popular methods for defining curls:

- Curly Girl Method
- Tightly Curly Method, and now
- Maximum Hydration Method

Below you'll find descriptions and highlights of each method, along with their pros and cons, and my personal experiences.  

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10 Curl-Defining Hair Products to Try!

Looking for a product that will define your natural curl pattern?

There are so many gels, custards and curl creams, that it can be confusing and frustrating to find the right one, so we've put together a list of our favorite top curl definers.

Remember: no two heads of hair are the same, even if they fall in the same curl category.

What works for thin 4b hair may not work for thick 4b hair, and what you thought wouldn’t work on your hair texture may turn out to be a holy grail!

1. Curl Junkie Coffee-Coco Curl Creme
Curl Junkie Coffee-Coco Curl Creme combines the moisturizing benefits of a leave-in conditioner with the smoothing and holding properties of a gel. It’s lighter than dense creams or stiff gels, and can act as your leave-in and styler in one! Those with 3c-4a hair seem to love this product. Give it a try if you want a light, bouncy wash and go.
Curl Junkie Coffee-Coco Curl Creme; $22

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