How to Choose a Natural Hair Salon: 5 Tips

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Naturals are born DIYers. We take the time to learn our hair and give it the absolute best care possible. Whether it’s to get an annual trim or just a little pampering, sometimes a trip to the salon is warranted— just make sure that you’re trusting your hair to an expert. Here are five tips to getting the salon experience you deserve.

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Natural Hair Salon: How to Choose the Perfect One for YOU!

L & Co Salon in Old Town Saginaw

by Charlene Walton of

After talking about why natural hair salons should teach texture education, the first step for many women is actually finding a credible salon to attend. Finding the perfect natural hair salon or hair stylist can be a very daunting task. It can take months or even over a year to find the perfect match. And if you recently moved to a new city you may have no idea of the first steps to looking for a new stylist. Or maybe you are a new natural and your current stylist does not specialize in natural hair. Whatever the case, here are a few tips to finding the perfect natural hair salon.

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Natural Hair Salons: Why They Should Teach Texture Education

by Charlene Walton of

As a person who prides myself on caring for my natural tresses at home, I also understand the importance of having a professional stylist. Some things just should not be done at home. For example, coloring your hair almost always requires a professional. Last year was sort of a whirlwind for me. Due to a bad experience with heat damage earlier in 2015, I revolted against the salon for a few months. I was completely against anyone touching my hair except for my amazing stylist from DC, Marissa Robinson, which you can read more about here. However, after 3 months I finally decided to let a new professional touch my hair. I desperately needed a trim since that’s the only thing I can not do by myself and another service I believe should not be completed at home. Although I was a little skeptical, still scarred from my previous experience, I was nothing short of satisfied upon leaving and the salon and here’s why. I LOVED the educational component my stylist passed on to the shadow stylist helping her for the day. Here’s a recap of my experience and why more salons should teach texture education.

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How to Choose a Natural Hair Salon

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Sometimes you grow tired of all the DIY associated with being natural. There's no greater feeling in my opinion of having someone else really scratch your scalp. It is so amazing, I'm not even over exaggerating. Because I'm a complete and total penny pincher, I mean frugal shopper, I only treat myself to the luxury of going to the salon every once in a blue moon. However, I've found that not all salons are created equal. Even a self proclaimed natural hair salon may not meet the care standards I feel are necessary for my hair. Whether you have a special occasion you're getting dolled up for, need a good trim, or you just need a break, there are certain things you should look for in a salon. Some salons feel that the only difference between natural and relaxed hair is that they do not have to give you a perm. This is not true though. Straight and curly hair have to be treated differently. There is a higher level of care that curly and especially kinky textures need to be treated with. So what do you need to look for in a salon?

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Are We Guilty of Undervaluing Natural Hairstylists?

There was a time when the American beauty shop/salon was a place for women to meet and socialize. It was a place to catch up on the gossip, but also a place to seek important information. The African-American beauty shop was sacred, the place where the magic happened. Community leaders and politicians often sought support from local stylists. They knew that beauty shop conversations were pivotal to influencing popular opinion. Regardless of the culture, beauty shops have been essential parts of the community and have been respected for generations.

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6 Tips for a Great Day at the Salon- Natural Hair Tips

by Camdiesel

The big curly ‘do that works well for the office and the weekend suddenly needs to be transformed into a sleek up-do and the split ends need to be trimmed...just a bit. Like most curlies you’ve been doing it all yourself, but you just don’t have the time, know-how or energy required to execute a sexy up-do or a haircut. Time to call in a professional stylist, but finding one experienced in styling natural hair is like rolling dice...and coming up with snake eyes could mean wasted time, money and a hairstyle that doesn’t meet your expectations. Here are a few considerations that can make the difference between a great hair day and a day filled with disappointment and regret.

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