Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

With more than 50% of the vote, TREASURE is today's winner!

While Thursday's prize goes to the lovely MOCHACURL!

Thanks to all of you for your participation this week! The heart felt comments, and encouraging words were most certainly appreciated. I greatly enjoyed the gallery posts--so much so, that I think we should do them weekly.

From now on, we'll do Show&Tell Fridays! Throughout the week, send in pictures of your hair looking its best, or your 'total package' photos from head to toe. I'll post ten each Friday for your viewing pleasure. Send submissions to [email protected], and use "Show&Tell" as the subject line. Be sure to include a brief description!

Later Gators,

CurlyNikki Celebration--Day 5

Happy Friday!

Here is today's prompt:

Submit a pic of yourself--head to toe, in all your natural flyyness. It can be your Sunday's best, work attire, club clothes...whatever, as long as you look as fab as you feel on the inside. I'll post the first ten I receive, and the readers will vote on the flyyest image...the winner will receive 100g of.......Mehandi Cassia or Indigo.

We've got our 10, so place your vote in the right column before 5pm!!



Jessica (middle sporting an updo)








**I'm compiling pics for a new feature called 'Living Curly'. This is why I wanted diversity--work attire, on the town, formal dress.

CurlyNikki Celebration--Day 4

Alrighty ladies...

I know it' s not Thursday yet, but I wanted to give you the heads up on tomorrow's challenge. Here are the instructions from the original post last weekend:

Show us how you rock my signature style, the Twist-n-Curl. Send in one pic of your TnC, complete with how you modified it to fit your hair texture and personal style. I'll post the pics throughout the day.

What you didn't know is that Tiff, aka Curly Barbie, is donating 100g of Cassia to be given away randomly to one of the participants. So, get your pic and short description in by tomorrow at 5pm, and you could be the winner! As always, submissions should be forwarded to [email protected] Use 'CurlyNikki Blogday' as the subject line.

2 pieces of news:

1. Cygnet is the winner of Monday's 'Show Your Support' challenge! You described my site better than I can! Thanks to everyone else that participated as well...very creative, very sweet. You ladies rock!

2. This curly head chica is now officially FULLY licensed to practice psychotherapy. Private practice here I come! Look out Raleigh ;)

Later Gators,

CurlyNikki Celebration--Day 3

Happy Hump Day!

It's day 3 in the 1 year celebration!

Share the one thing you've taken away from The piece of advice, article, or story that influenced you the most.

Also, share what you'd like to see more of... I'll make it happen :)

Later Gators,

2 more days till Friday!

CurlyNikki Celebration--Day 2

Hola Chicas!

Today, your participation will be a gift to yourself! Enjoy ladies :)

Order that new hair product you've been eyeing, and tell your mom/partner/boyfriend/husband that CurlyNikki told you to do it. Then, come back here and dish about your new hair candy!

I'll be re-upping my henna stash, and might try out a new line...hmmm......

Later Gators,

*Check out Tuesday-Friday's challenges HERE.

CurlyNikki Celebration--Day 1

Morning Curlies!

What's it like in your neck of the woods? It's rainy and dreary here, and unfortunately I've managed to catch a cold :( Although I did henna (for the first time since August), I didn't feel like pulling the Curlformers out...please don't be mad! I'll wrestle with them next weekend.

As promised, today, we're kicking off the b-day week!

Today, your participation will be a gift to me, and to your natural friends (and/or natural unsuspecting strangers!):

Show your support for by spreading the word! Tweet it, facebook it, myspace it, blog about it, phone a friend, hell, approach a stranger on the subway! Leave a comment detailing how you spread the word...the most creative curly will receive a jar of Oyin Shine and Define out of my personal stash!

Later Gators,

*Check out Tuesday-Friday's challenges HERE.

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