If It Wasn't For The Internet- A Look at the Natural Hair Movement

by Rachel Anderson of LoveTheyIntrovert

Okay naturals let’s take a moment to reflect. What convinced you to go natural? Some may say they saw a cute style that another natural had or that they were tired of lifeless thinning hair. Others may say they were tired of being enslaved to the Saturday all day hair appointments and then some may say it was the countless shedding of hairs.

But what if I was to say it was the internet that convinced you to go natural?


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Forum Highlights--Laughs, Info, and More Laughs

The CurlyNikki Community/Forum is popping!!! Thanks to all of you for your participation, insightful comments, questions, and the laughs...oh the laughs!

For those of you that aren't in the know, here are some must reads:

Henna Experiences--see how henna is treating folks
Curly Police--for laughs
Ol' School Products--for nostalgia and laughs
Family and Friends Reaction to Your Hair
Hair Idols--for inspiration
Your Best Shot--for real world inspiration
Lint in the fro--you'll see when you get there...we've got more than lint!

In other news, I'm now a resident blogger on Tyrashow.com!!! Head on over to my first article and leave your comments! If you have a topic or issue you want addressed, shoot me an email at [email protected], and I'll do my best to cover it.

Later Gators!

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