CurlyNikki in Chicago This Saturday! 7/16/16

Chicago Curlfriends!

Come out and join me and Dark and Lovely at Walgreens this Saturday, July 16th, at 1pm for a free meetup.  I'll be giving away and signing copies of my new book, 'When Good Hair Goes Bad' and talking all things hair! Be sure to get there early as supplies (and space) are limited!

Later Gators,

This Is 30- Turnt Up in Spain!

Longest. Post. Ever. 


This.  This pic right here. 

This Is Not a Drill- Nikki + Keshia Knight Pulliam!

It's about to go down, Atlanta. TONIGHT!

Remember, this E.P.I.C. night in NYC back in February?  Well, now this is happening and you're not gonna want to miss it!
See you tonight!

Natural Hair & Clean Living- World Natural Hair Show

Chiiiiiild... I am drained. 

Yesterday, I attended the World Natural Hair Show in Atlannuh with Mizani and I had one heck of an itinerary.  My day started in State College at 5 am. After a layover in D.C., a layover in Buffalo, some complimentary wine (thanks Delta, boo! *flips hair, pops gum*) and a delay, I made it to the A by 2:30 pm.  Same time zone in case you're doing the math.  There was the issue of the weather on the last leg and then someone spilled some damn jet fuel directly behind our plane. Really, tho? Fire department all on the tarmac... whole mess. 

At any rate, after all of that, I was at the hair show doing my thing for a total of 90 minutes. Where to next? Back to the airport, of course! Ready to head home...until my flight got delayed, all 3 of them. More complimentary wine and an upgrade to first class? Yes, please! Seven hours later I was back in State College resting my curly little head. Can somebody say pooped?  Oh, and for the concerned cyber aunties, Boog was safe and sound, looking after #ProfessorDaddy. They didn't even burn the house down! 


World Natural Hair Show 2013- I'm There!

I'm headed back to Atlanta, y'all!   

Mizani and I are teaming up at the World Natural Hair Show... I haven't attended since 2009, so I'm super excited! Stop by and see me on Sunday, April 28th from 3-4:30pm to participate in the healthy natural hair panel.  We're taking your most burning questions!

See you soon!

My Visit to Girls Inc. of St. Louis! #BTGH

Cheryl Jones, Executive Director 

Today I visited Girls Inc. of St. Louis, a non-profit organization that is close to my heart because, (1) I was employed there, (2) my mom is the program director, and (3) they're teaching young ladies to be strong, smart and bold... 'nuff said!  I was honored to speak to the girls today about staying focused, achieving positive body image, being passionate in all they do and following their dreams. I also signed books, answered their burning questions and discussed what they want to be when they grow up!  Peep the view!


The International 'BTGH' Book Tour Hits St. Louis!

Hola Chicas,

Last night I brought the international 'Better Than Good Hair' book tour to my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri!  More than 600 curlies from as far as Memphis (hey Lisa, boo) and Kansas City, turned out and turnt up at The Coliseum.  The very classy affair, complete with signature cocktails, appetizers, gift bags and some wobbling morphed into a 'bout it ass party by the end of the night!  Warning... this post is incredibly pic heavy as it was another E.P.I.C. night!  I'm talking 'everything possibly imaginable, cuz' type EPIC, I mean, 'every photo is cute' type EPIC, or better yet, I mean 'envious people were instantly concerned', type EPIC. Enjoy!

TODAY- 'BTGH' Book Signing at Girls Inc. of STL

For my STL curlies, I'll be at Girls Inc, the non-profit organization that inspires girls to be strong, smart and bold, from 4-6pm TODAY (Monday, April 8, 2013) to sign books and speak to the girls about following their dreams!  It's open to the public and I hope to see you there!

3801 Nelson Dr
St. Louis, MO 63121 


St. Louis Curlfriends Turn Up!- Book Signing Event!

TODAY'S THE DAY! Get there early, chicas!

I'm coming home, y'all! Sponsored by the fabulous SheaMoisture with special guest, Q-Redew, this is one event you won't want to miss! Similar to my other soirĂ©es, there will be hair talk, consultations, pics, dranks and more! A very posh... very upscale partay! I hope to see you this weekend!

RSVP here

The event is #Free99 and you must be 21 to get in!

My SheaMoisture Sponsored #BTGH Book Tour

Started in Tokyo, now we here... D.C. that is, and it was fab.  We brought the 'Better Than Good Hair' tour to U Street in D.C. this past Saturday afternoon, and while it was too early to shut ish down, we tried our hardest.  There were
hors d'oeuvres, good music, grown folk drinks, one-on-one consultations and lots o' pics!  Enjoy the view and I hope to see YOU on the next stop *whispers... STL... we turnin' up...on some real levels*.  

 Shondell Harris of SheaMoisture & celeb stylist Diane Bailey: Shondell was cracking jokes and Diane was spitting knowledge. 

CurlyNikki Takes DC!

On my way to DC!!! We opened the list for last minute RSVPs, see you tomorrow!

Click HERE to RSVP!

NYC Curlies, Turnt Up! Dark & Lovely Curl Power!

So last night was EPIC. I'm talking 'everything possibly imaginable, cuz' type EPIC, I mean, 'every photo is cute' type EPIC, or better yet, I mean 'envious people were instantly concerned', type EPIC. No matter the anagram... (I plan on copyrighting them all, lol), we had a GREAT night last night.  NY, we always do it big!

HUGE thanks to Dark & Lovely and Marsha Ambrosius for a fabulous time.  With free Dark & Lovely products, styling demonstrations, stunning models, Amanda Seales on the wheels of steel, an open bar and a house full of gorgeous curlies, good times were had by all!  I remember looking up and everyone in the venue was dancing to old school MJ.  Priceless.

The homie Chrisette Michele was supposed to be in attendance, she writes:
'You have no idea how badly I wanted to be with you and the curly girls last night. I was rushed to the hospital and had an emergency surgery. I even asked the doctor... can I go to the Curly event and come back? 
Guess what??? His assistant was like "A CURLY NIKKI EVENT?" I was like YES GIRL!! 
Need a tutorial on hospital hair stat! Giiiiirl this "non-silk" pillow? Momma had to bring me some coconut oil!'

Peep the view!-  

We were there to celebrate the launch of the new Dark&Lovely 'Au Naturale' line.  The first relaxer company went natural, y'all! Their line is geared toward defrizzing, defining and elongating.  Have you tried it yet? Share below!

The venue was PACKED. #AllTheWayLive

 The homies, Shanti of AroundTheWayCurls and Shelli of Hairscapades!

 GAYE!  aka SweetDark1 aka TheHomie aka #TheCrew

This is Not a Drill, NYC- Nikki + Marsha Ambrosius

NYC Event Update: 

Due to medical reasons, the curly homie Chrisette Michele will be unable to attend tonight's festivities. Please send up prayers and positive vibes for her and the fam.

I'm here in Manhattan and the show must go on, so I hope you'll still come out to kick it with me and the other curly homie... Marsha Ambrosius!

Get there early! See y'all soon!

ATL Curlies, Turnt Up!- Mizani Natural Hair Meetup

Last night we kicked it in ATL with Mizani! LOVED seeing the curlies of the A come out and show support.  We had a fabulous time, especially after (a) figuring out how to pronounce the name of the venue and (b) freeing myself from the dope but confusing ass bathroom elevator. #TipsyGirlProblems

With free Mizani natural hair products, styling demonstrations, stunning models, good music, an open bar and a house full of gorgeous curlies, good times were had by all!  The venue, DO at the Viewwas fab. 


CurlyNikki Takes Atlanta!


I'm officially in #TheA!!!  Be sure to get there early tonight! See you dolls soon!


You asked for it, Atlanta! I'm heading your way to shut it down! Come out and join me and Mizani as we celebrate our fabulous curls.

This is a free event and space is extra limited, so RSVP today!  See you dolls soon! 

Welcome to Chicago. (UPDATED!)

Boog and I have been up and at 'em since 5am, and after a not-so-unexpected hour long taxi at the State College airport (because, you know, they’re SOOO busy -__-), I found myself running through Philly International, beasting through the crowd with an umbrella stroller, in an attempt to make our connecting flight. Somehow we made it and I'm glad we did because one of the flight attendants was #teamnatural and a CN reader to boot, and asked me if I wanted to take home a bottle of wine. I was all like, 'HYFR' and she was all, 'red or white, and it has a screw cap so you can get to it quick!' All was peaceful and serene, and then we arrived:

Looks totally normal right? Just wait...theeeeere’s more! Anyway, here I sit in Chicago, home to the Afrobellas and BGLHs of the world, checking in with The CurlyNation, 'cause this-

 finally happened! *grabs tambourine*

CurlyNikki Does Chicago! (UPDATES!)

So spaced filled up and fast... we were at capacity in like 18 hours!  Fun will be had by all.  At any rate, since Thanksgiving is creeping up on us, I thought it'd be grand if we turned the meet-up into a mini drive.  So bring a canned good... you don't have to, but it'd rock if you did.  And we'll send them all to Imagine Englewood, a non-profit organization that'll distribute them to the community.

See y'all soon!


You asked for it, Chicago! I'm heading to the Windy City to shut it down! Come out and join me and Motions as we celebrate our fabulous curls.

WHEN: October 20, 2012 @ 2 - 5 P.M.
WHERE: Japonais Restaurant & Lounge
                 600 W. Chicago Avenue
                 Chicago, IL 60610

RSVP HERE asap, 'cause space is limited!

NYC Wrap-Up!- EPIC.

thanks Marisol and Jenell for sharing this pic!

So last night was EPIC. I'm talking 'everything possibly imaginable, cuz' type EPIC, I mean, 'every photo is cute' type EPIC, or better yet, I mean 'haters were instantly concerned', type EPIC. No matter the anagram or witty phrase... (I plan on copyrighting them all, lol), we had a GREAT night last night (besides the foolish 4 hour drive home - me and my damn instant gratification.) NY, we always do it big!

Huge thanks to Tracee Ellis Ross and Optimum Salon Haircare for a fabulous time. 

Check out the view...

(...earlier that day) The Press Conference

the 'puff bun' created by Marie of St. Louis' Shi Salon! She used my products (Mizani's Miracle Oil conditioner to co-wash and Living Proof Full Cream and As I Am Smoothing Gel to style). She pulled it all up and created a donut bun and then we frizzed it up real good!

Prior to bunnin' me up, she cut off 1-2 inches, more in some places to restore my cut!  I got another cut y'all! 

What I wore:
 Jacket- gifted from Romwe
Shirt and Jeans- Loft
Shoes- BCBG
diamond stud earrings- loaned from Miska Jewelers 

Up close with Tracee's glorious and famous curls!

...Ish was so EPIC I had to rock two styles in one day.  So I rushed home, co-washed again and did a wash-n-go for the 6-in-1 Miracle Oil Launch Party later that evening.  I did the exact same routine and used the same products as I did in THIS POST, styled with Living Proof Thickening Cream and As I Am Smoothing Gel.

There were tons of gorgeous curlies, free drinks flowing, and complimentary cookie lollipops!

back of my head shot...

Tracee and Johnny Wright!

the DJ was EVERYTHING! Homegirl was in my head... #OhThatsMyJam #GoDj

that's my stylist, Marie of Shi Salon on the right!

hubby schmoozing with two gorgeous curlies!

                            my girl Adinah!

What I wore- 
Shirt- ZARA
Shorts- Express
Tights- Express
Booties- ZARA

                                                                            recognize this handsome couple?! HAIRSCAPADES!

 and these gorgeous divas? That's Antoinette and Shanti of Around The Way Curls!

Ben! That's Gaye's hubby (aka SweetDrk1) and my other photographer, Shot OneThurteen! We fam.

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