CurlyNikki in Chicago This Saturday! 7/16/16

Chicago Curlfriends!

Come out and join me and Dark and Lovely at Walgreens this Saturday, July 16th, at 1pm for a free meetup.  I'll be giving away and signing copies of my new book, 'When Good Hair Goes Bad' and talking all things hair! Be sure to get there early as supplies (and space) are limited!

Later Gators,

This Is 30- Turnt Up in Spain!

Longest. Post. Ever. 


This.  This pic right here. 

This Is Not a Drill- Nikki + Keshia Knight Pulliam!

It's about to go down, Atlanta. TONIGHT!

Remember, this E.P.I.C. night in NYC back in February?  Well, now this is happening and you're not gonna want to miss it!
See you tonight!

Natural Hair & Clean Living- World Natural Hair Show

Chiiiiiild... I am drained. 

Yesterday, I attended the World Natural Hair Show in Atlannuh with Mizani and I had one heck of an itinerary.  My day started in State College at 5 am. After a layover in D.C., a layover in Buffalo, some complimentary wine (thanks Delta, boo! *flips hair, pops gum*) and a delay, I made it to the A by 2:30 pm.  Same time zone in case you're doing the math.  There was the issue of the weather on the last leg and then someone spilled some damn jet fuel directly behind our plane. Really, tho? Fire department all on the tarmac... whole mess. 

At any rate, after all of that, I was at the hair show doing my thing for a total of 90 minutes. Where to next? Back to the airport, of course! Ready to head home...until my flight got delayed, all 3 of them. More complimentary wine and an upgrade to first class? Yes, please! Seven hours later I was back in State College resting my curly little head. Can somebody say pooped?  Oh, and for the concerned cyber aunties, Boog was safe and sound, looking after #ProfessorDaddy. They didn't even burn the house down! 


World Natural Hair Show 2013- I'm There!

I'm headed back to Atlanta, y'all!   

Mizani and I are teaming up at the World Natural Hair Show... I haven't attended since 2009, so I'm super excited! Stop by and see me on Sunday, April 28th from 3-4:30pm to participate in the healthy natural hair panel.  We're taking your most burning questions!

See you soon!

My Visit to Girls Inc. of St. Louis! #BTGH

Cheryl Jones, Executive Director 

Today I visited Girls Inc. of St. Louis, a non-profit organization that is close to my heart because, (1) I was employed there, (2) my mom is the program director, and (3) they're teaching young ladies to be strong, smart and bold... 'nuff said!  I was honored to speak to the girls today about staying focused, achieving positive body image, being passionate in all they do and following their dreams. I also signed books, answered their burning questions and discussed what they want to be when they grow up!  Peep the view!


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