3 Ways to Maximize Your Visibility on the Dating Scene

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Dating? What does that even mean anymore?

Ask around and you'll get a multitude of answers, from hooking up and talking exclusivity with one person. Personally, I'm talking about good, old fashioned dating that allows you to see what's out in the world. By that definition, it's something that I've never partook in but something that feels necessary and that I feel ready to indulge in...finally. But with the world revolving around hookup culture and the apps that support it, how does one even go about doing that on the cusp of 2018?

In knowing exactly what I want, I have a 30-minute bandwidth with apps such as Tinder where I get request to have my p*ssy eatten after minimal dialogue. Don't get me wrong, that's great and all, but I'm not sure it's the proper way to manifest what I intended to manifest from the app. To that point, I'm not so sure that app is any better.

Relationships and Natural Hair

 by @youfrogirl via GlobalCoutureblog.net

Although I am single, and I think women should feel free to do whatever they want to their hair, regardless of what their partner thinks, I do understand taking his opinion into consideration. In my experience, men don’t really know what they like until AFTER they see it when it comes to hairstyles.

If you are considering returning to your natural roots but you’re not sure how your partner will feel about it, or if you are currently natural and your partner is still on the fence, here are 7 quick tips you can give him to better appreciate your natural hair struggles and triumphs.

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The Power of the Natural Hair Movement on Dating

nik and Dr. Daddy

I received many comments about my natural hair, both positive and negative. For some reason, the latter tend to weigh heavier than the former. Around the time that I started my transitioning process I met someone who became my love interest. My best friend was rocking her curly hair and as he looked at her he was touching my hair. “I really hope that your hair turns out like hers,” he said.

My first boyfriend loved my curls. Back then I was relaxing my hair and occasionally I was too lazy to straighten my hair. To be honest, he was appreciating this laziness since he was able to walk proudly next to his curly girl. He started convincing me that natural is better, since I show the real me to the world. A year after the end of our relationship, I decided to transition my hair. Why? Because I wanted to make sure that this was my own choice.

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The Best Natural Hair Products for Weekend Getaways #DatingWhileNatural

Whiling dating, you might come across a few challenges, one of them being keeping yourself looking pretty during an unplanned sleepover. Lets face it, it’s “cuffing” season and you could find yourself in an impromptu romantic late night…because men seldom plan things out. However, the next day can leave you like a fish out of water without your handy hair products.

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