How to Detangle Your Long, Type 4c Natural Hair

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Many naturalistas start off their hair journeys by cutting off their relaxed strands. As they rock their TWAs with pride, many begin to crave length shortly after and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Natural hair bloggers, the web over, are proving coily hair can grow just as long as any other hair texture.

One of my biggest secrets to my long, Type 4 hair is simply focusing on the basics: moisturizing, sealing, and protective styling. However, I know that for many Type 4 naturals, this process involves an understated fourth aspect: detangling. Detangling is the process of gently separating the strands to remove any knots and shed hair. Since our strands tend to form very intricate tangles and knots, this process for many naturals is easier said than done. However, in order to retain length, it is important that we learn to embrace and manage them. Here are six essential detangling tips that I have picked up along my four-year journey:


Should I Comb my Natural Hair in the Shower?

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A thorough hair care routine can seem exhausting when you are in hurry. With so many of us running short on time and trying to find ways to multitask, performing two tasks at once may seem like a good idea.

However, there are often unintended consequences such as the way you might think you are saving time by brushing your teeth in the shower, but you are also introducing new bacteria into your mouth. When it comes to brushing your hair in the shower to save time and work through tangles, it is a similar scenario. While it may seem easier to comb your hair in the shower, it doesn’t mean it is a good idea. There are pros and cons to detangling both wet and dry, it depends on your hair type and the condition of your hair as to which one will work best for you.
Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when combing in the shower.

Top Detanglers That Actually Work for Natural Hair

No matter how much you love your curls, you probably don’t love detangling them. No matter your curl type, there is a risk of causing breakage or hurting your scalp or just taking too dang long. However, if you have the right products and patience, detangling becomes a breeze! Whether you detangle before you shampoo, while you’re conditioning, or as part of your styling routine, one of these products is sure to streamline your wash day.


5 Best Detanglers for Natural Hair, and Why They Work

One word. Marshmallow.

Of course whenever we think of marshmallows, our brains automatically resort to s'mores, hot chocolate, and campfires. But what if I told you that marshmallow is actually the PERFECT detangler and moisturizer combination? It really is.

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