Nikki on The Dr. Oz Show 11/7 -- Turning Back the Quarantine Clock!

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This week we turned back the Quarantine Clock on the Dr. Oz Show! I shared deets on my hot oil treatments, and how my silk pillow case keeps my skin and hair happy.❤️

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Could your hair products be the cause of your health problems?--Nikki on The Dr. Oz Show

Hey hey!

Here are a few clips from today’s super important Dr. Oz episode about the consequences of some hair treatments marketed to Black women. I also share healthy alternatives! For the full episode, check your local listings! And thank you Tennille for producing an informative and much needed segment for US! ❤️✨

Peep my voice-over on the last slide, tho!


Catch Nikki on Dr. Oz-- Season 10!

I’ve been rocking with @dr_oz and his amazing team, every season, since our internet breaking episode during the season 5 premiere week! Excited to be back for Season 10!

Stay tuned for airdates!!! 

CurlyNikki on The Dr. Oz Show, Tomorrow! (Nov 30)

6 months in, 9 months out!

CurlyNikki on The Doctor Oz Show This Thursday (Jan 19)

I'll be back on the Dr. Oz Show this Thursday (Jan 19th), talking to women who've been 'Wrecked by Beauty'! Tune in for tips to restore and revitalize your situation!

CurlyNikki on The Dr. Oz Show, TODAY! (Oct 26)

Dr. Oz and his crew are the bestest! Thanks for the thoughtful gift! This is officially Baby Boy Walton's first onesie! 

Hola Chicas!

I'll be back on the Dr. Oz show this Wednesday, October 26th, talking safe heat styling.  Please tune in if you get a chance!

More pics below!>>>

CurlyNikki on the Dr. Oz Show- TODAY (Dec 1)

Hola Chicas!

I'll be back on the Dr. Oz show on Tuesday, December 1st talking home dye vs. salon dye (and I of course throw in a good word about henna).  Oh, and that would be my Dad... he may have been a wee bit proud :)

CurlyNikki on Dr. Oz- Hair Advice From Your Hair Brush

Hola Chicas,

I'll be back on the Dr. Oz Show throughout the month of November, including TODAY!  Please tune in to learn about what your hair brush might be trying to tell you!

Later Gators,

In the booth! #TheVoiceOfTheBrush

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