"Why I'm Never Growing to Hip Length Again"

By Danielle Faust of OKDani.com

I’ve been reveling in my low-maintenance short cut so much so that I’ve chopped it even shorter! Everyone’s asking if I plan on growing to donate again and if I’ll try to get back to hip length again and my answer is yes, I’ll donate, but I will NEVER go back to hip length natural hair. And here’s why:

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How to Donate Your Hair- Natural Hair Info

by Danielle Faust of Okdani.com

Now that my hair has almost reached hip length again, I'm ready to cut it all off to donate. In the past I donated to Locks of Love and am sending hair in to them again later this summer.

Have you donated your hair? Not sure how to go about it? Not sure if your hair even qualifies for donation?

There seems to be a lot of confusion about donating hair, whether you can have colored hair, curly hair, grey hair etc. So I've consolidated a little bit of information using the FAQs.  Here's the scoop:

How do I donate my hair?

  1. Grow your hair out (have 8-12 cuttable inches in good condition)
  2. Wash and dry your hair
  3. Put it in a ponytail and chop it off! (or have it chopped off for you)
  4. Choose your charity and fill out the donation form
  5. Send your hair to the charity
  6. Feel awesome about your new short 'do and your good deed :)

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