How to Moisturize Dry Natural Hair

by Vashti Patrick-Joseph of 

One of the complaints I hear all the time is “my hair is so dry!” A few days ago, while in CVS two young ladies walked up to me and said, “what do you put in your hair? It looks so healthy and soft. Mine is so dry”. Right there in the hair care aisle, we chatted about natural hair & dryness.

Today I’m sharing some of the things we talked about. Here are 5 reasons why your natural hair may be dry.

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4 Ways to Deal with Super-Dry Natural Hair This Winter

by Charlene Walton of

Dry natural hair continues as the top concern for women all through the year but especially during the winter. If you are a resident of Texas like me you know that “winter” is just another word as our weeks can range in temperature from 72 degrees on Monday to 42 degrees on Tuesday. However, if you live in colder climates, as the weather shifts so should your hair care regimen. Many women opt to wear protective styles for this reason including strand twists, wigs and crochet braids, which still require intense moisturizing. But, if you still want to rock your curls all year here are 4 products that can kill your dry hair woes.

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Dry as the Desert...

Hola Chicas!

I just came from hanging out with FrizzCurls427 and we realized that we've been battling the same problem lately... unforgivably dry curls! My hair is so friggin' dry! I mean parched, dried out, crunchy...just plain icky. Granted, I'm not wetting it much these days, mainly due to boredom and laziness, but I mean, DANG, it's DRY. I figure it could be from 1 of a few things:

1. Fewer co-washes- Which also means fewer deep treatments

2. Winter winds- I wear my hair out 99% of the time. Maybe there really is something to that protective styling that long haired naturals speak so highly of.

3. The wrong products- I've strayed from my faithful products lately and maybe I need to go back to what I know (DevaCare).

4. Protein laden products- I've been experimenting with products that contain light, naturally derived proteins. In the past, protein play resulted in dry, crunchy curls. Which brings me back to number 3... if it ain't broke...

Dryness left to fester results in split ends and breakage. I've tried to stave off splits by doing a trim, but I need to get proactive!

This dry styling routine has resulted in less shedding, and my hair seems to be doing good overall. The dryness is just so annoying... it's up in a bun today, and I plan to rock it out like this for the next few days. Blah.

So, are you dry too? If so, what's your best guess at the cause, and what do you plan to do about it?!

Later Gators,

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