A Message from LOVE this morning...

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I was watching a dedication to Ram Dass and heard him say ‘love your breath’ for like the millionth time and it clicked. My interpretation- 

1. Become aware that you’re breathing 
2. Smile to your breath (a la #thichnhathanh ), honor it, feel Love for your breath... feel Love in your breath... feel Love as your breath... feel your breath as Love. <—- any of these approaches work like a champ!
3. Recognize that breathing is always happening in the present moment, and if you’re conscious of it, you can become conscious of God, of Love, who is also only NOW, always, already HERE- sounding like Silence, feeling like a current of subtle-Joy. 

How We're Using Our Phones in 2021


 ...and then, we scroll and ‘like’ in Joy, and comment and post AS Love. 

You are stronger than your anxious thoughts.

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Feeling anxious, impatient, worried, or stuck? To find your way back into alignment say to yourself, ‘this moment couldn’t be any other way.’ Or, ‘in this moment, I couldn’t be anywhere else.’ Or, ‘I couldn’t feel any other way right now.’ View yourself like you’re watching a movie that’s already been written, cast, and shot (with a happy ending). This simple perspective shift is the ‘acceptance’, the ‘let go’. And because you release the resistance to your negative thoughts and feelings, a new opportunity opens up!


Happy Now HERE!

If we’re to have the 2021 we’re wanting— one of freedom, peace, and Love, then we have to make a decision. 

The Best Daily Agenda for 2021 Glow Ups

 sorry, I’m busy af 

This has been my whole to-do list for going on 7 years. It’s pretty comprehensive and I’ve found that as long as I stick to It, everything gets done.


How to FREE Yourself from Strong, Negative Emotions | Stay as Awareness

Go(o)d Morning!

In this short video, spiritual teacher Rupert Spira points to the fact that even during your darkest, most turbulent moments, Love is (t)here. He says, 

"It's this very subtle change of focus. You don't have to escape the feeling. Right there, shining, not buried in the heart of the feeling, but on the surface of the feeling, the light of your own being is shining. Just give THAT your attention." 

From personal experience, I can tell you that while it's a simple shift, in the beginning, it can be challenging to remember to practice in the moment. But trust me-- the next time you catch yourself mid-fear, or in the midst of a stank mood, or watching anger begin to bubble up, and you remember to notice that there's fear AND Love, or stank mood AND Peace, or anger AND subtle-Joy, you've won. Even if you can only feel .02% of the Love. You've won. And it only gets better from (t)here.  You become more and more aware of the Love that you are, and this Love manifests as your most empowered life. This Love is seen as the only reality.  

Check out the video and let me know your experience with this practice!

Watch Now!>>>

Is this the Dark Night of the Soul?

 by John Stephenson of AlohaMystics.com

This idea has been mentioned more often recently because of the world situation. Is humanity, collectively, experiencing a Dark Night of the Soul? And, what does that mean spiritually?

St. John of the Cross came up with that term. Traditionally it refers to the struggle of the self to realize its spiritual nature. The Dark Night refers to a blockage in our journey into spiritual unity. Metaphysically it is the acceptance of power in material cause and effect, and the inclination to fight or resist. Your dark night is coming to grips with the simple truth that without the conscious realization of the presence of God, there is no God in this world. Looking at the world now, it is apparent that what was once considered normal is no longer normal. How do we, on the spiritual path deal with the appearances of pandemic, global climate changes, political polarization and the social restrictions imposed upon us in most every country on the planet?

For me, it is always back to the basic reality of Oneness. One power; One creation; One self. All mystical revelation unfolds from the realization of Oneness.


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