Here's the Secret to Mastering Perfect Eyebrows!

by Emerald Elitou of

If you're anything like me, you may have found yourself obsessed with getting your eyebrows on fleek thanks to the growing rise of double tap-worthy photos constantly being displayed on our Instagram timelines. But I'll be honest, once I put my pencil to work, let's just say it can be a messy experience.

6 Hacks for Fuller Eyebrows!

There are long lists of beauty accoutrements and alterations that can completely change your look, such as a haircut or color, or certain styles of makeup. But the one change that can make a day and night difference is a complimentary eyebrow shaping.

While some might prefer thinner or nowhere-to-be-seen brows, most of us want to go thick. And for those of us who weren’t blessed with a lot to work with, we need some ways to create the illusion of plenty.

“The trend right now is thick eyebrows—the thicker, the better,” says Sam, co-owner, along with Azi and Nilo, of Brow and Blowdry in Beaverton, Oregon.

Here are a few tips to get you on your way to fuller brows.


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