5 Summer Hairstyles You Should Consider

By Tiffani G. of MyMommyVents.com

Warm weather is on its way! It's time for barbecues, beaches, and bold summer styles. Pull those sundresses out and grab those cute wedges, girl. Your summer body may not be ready, but your hair will always be on point with these hot styles.

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Try This Faux Locs Short Cut for a Quick, 2 Hour Install!

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by Ariane of BlackNaps.org

Faux locs are a beautiful protective style that give you a taste of what the loc life is like. However, they take ages to do! Fortunately, there is a short cut.


Faux Locs for Natural Hair- The Pros and Cons

 Vic Styles

Faux locs are a sexy and stylish protective style that allows you to see how you would look if you decided to rock real locs. Faux locs are a protective style that creates the illusion of real locs by winding extensions around sections of your own hair. They are growing in popularity and as more women rock them, some are finding out there may be concerns on whether or not they are damaging to one’s own hair. So I wanted to find out if this lovely and hot style is worth the beauty or too damaging to take the plunge?

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The Best Faux Locs Tutorial for Natural Hair

 By Yolanda Renee of ETCBlogMag

Faux Locs have been trending for awhile now. I think it's safe to say it's no longer a "trend"...it has become a protective style that a lot of naturalistas want and install often. For those that don't know what faux locs are, they are just that...fake locs. If you have the faux locs itch, you are probably stalking YouTube trying to find the best tutorial. Well look no further curlfriend...you found it. I finally did this style on my natural hair and of course I recorded the entire process. I have you covered on how to prep your hair, the best technique to have a lasting style, how to maintain your real hair & more.

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