4 Heat Free Ways to Get Super Stretched Hair from Your Twists

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by Ariane of BlackNaps.org

Many naturals prefer twists for stretching hair because they are less time consuming to do and are easy to take out. However, for those who have high shrinkage hair, twisting may not be enough to achieve your desired results. Here are some easy ways that you can make this method more effective and get more stretch:


8 Reasons Why Your Twist Out Sucks

Twist Out Failed

by Ariane of BlackNaps.org

You would think a twist out style would be simple: just add some product, twist your hair, and set overnight right? Well often times for many of us, it just isn’t as easy as it seems. Here are the reasons why your twist out failed and turned out all wrong:

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Got Fine Natural Hair? Get Big, Bossy Twist-Outs Anyway.

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Do you or a curly you know have--

(1) fine, highly porous hair that dries quickly after washing?


(2) a curl pattern so fierce that it resists wet sets... like, due to a lack of weight or leverage, your roots maintain your natural texture while the rest of the length takes on the twist or braid-out pattern? #Awkward 

I have a solution to help you achieve full, voluminous Twist-n-Curls with a more consistent texture.  No heat. Less time. Hella moisturized. 

recent twist-n-curls using the same method

The Rope Twist Technique Using Camille Rose's Style Setter

Tina Munzu writes:

Over the years I've learned that the most twist-out definition comes from the technique used to twist. A little extra twirling of the hair prior to twisting often results in more defined curls. I got better at this as I tried to teach myself how to install Havana twists. Some refer to this type of twists as rope twists. For when my goal is definition the rope twist technique is my go to. Enjoy the video plus a first impression review of the Camille Rose Coconut Water "Style Setter" product.

Twist-Out Tips and Tricks- Preventing the Frizz.

I’ve seen and heard many a natural gal lament that their twist-outs or braid-outs never come out right. There are many things involved in getting the “perfect” outcome, but one thing that can help you achieve a decent look is this…

Yes, smoothing down the hair as you unravel your twists/braids with an oil will continue the process of sealing the cuticle (which should have started at the moisturizing stage) and give you a nice, clean look.

Top 20 Products for Smooth Twist-Outs and Roller Sets

Almost daily I’m bombarded by gorgeous natural hairstyles that have been molded into coils, curls, and twists. Not every style requires heat and everyone doesn't want to do a wash and go. We love options! Twists, braids, and roller sets are great styles that need great products for frizz-free hold and shine. The smoother the hair, the longer the style lasts. Products really give your tresses the perfect look, if mother nature doesn’t intervene. Check out the Top 20 Heat-Free Styling products below!

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