This Ain't Yo Momma's Gray Hair...

a year's worth of growin'!

Omisade writes:

What a difference a year makes, right?  For me, being natural is not hard. 22 years in, I feel like a G for sure---on  most days.  Cutting my hair is not hard,  but navigating my hair through the transition of that "in between" stage can suck. Especially now that the texture and flow of my hair seems different since I am totally gray and 2 years from 50. Gray hair is ORNERY! It's dry, wiry, strong and pretty much likes to free style on a regular. Finding the "right' product and being willing to switch up my regimen has been key. Here's some things that have helped me. 

Omisade is Naturally Glam and Gray

Omisade writes: 

As an "OG", Original Goddess, naturalista, I will celebrate 19 years natural this upcoming summer. I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a social justice dragon slayer.

I gave birth at 25 and 41---the first time as a single woman and the second time as a married woman who now finds herself single again. My eldest son is a senior at Howard University and my baby boy just started kindergarten this past school year. I have, in fact, 2 “baby daddies” who bust every stereotype known to man about Black men who don’t love, protect and cherish their children. They show up for my children and me in the most powerfully respectful and loving ways. They show up choosing to recognize that what didn't work for “us” in a romantic partnered way, was still fated before our arrival this lifetime to produce two of the most amazing human beings we know and therefore dictate an “all in” mentality.

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A Cure for Grey Hair?

by Dr. Phoenyx Austin via

Hi ladies, Dr. Phoenyx here! I hope you all had a rockin’ 4th and before we get to our regularly scheduled program, I’d like to make two fabulous announcements! One, I’d like to report that I’ve now leaped into the wonderful world of blogging. Yay! After years of writing for magazines and other blogs, I now have my own home! And two, I’m actually out of the US and in the Caymans for the next few days. For those who don’t know, I’m also a media personality. And while on this fabulous island, I will be shooting guest appearances on a popular daytime talk show. I will also be blogging and vlogging (and taking tons of pics) while in the Caymans, so be sure to check out my Facebook page and blog for highlights!

Now back to our regularly scheduled program…

A few days ago I read that a “cure” for grey hair may be coming soon! Just think, henna and hair dye may soon become a thing of the past.

A group of researchers at New York University Medical Center recently announced that they have discovered the biochemical pathway for grey hair. What does that mean? Well it means they now know exactly what causes gray hair to appear, paving the way for a cure to prevent it. The study was recently published in the journal Cell. And the biochemical pathway is controlled by wnt- a protein that controls pigmentation in hair follicles.

Scientists have isolated protein wnt and so far have succeeded in turning black-haired mice gray by inhibiting the wnt protein pathway. And they are extremely hopeful that they should also be able to achieve the reverse process.

And there are some added bonuses that may be coming with this new discovery. Previous research showed that wnt is also responsible for the production of new hair follicles. And apparently wnt is also vital for hair growth, suggesting that a treatment that keeps hair dark would have the added advantage of also stopping it from thinning.

Wouldn’t that be something?! A cure for grey hair (and maybe even thinning hair) could be in the near future.

Do you have issues with grey and/or thinning hair? If a “cure” for this became available tomorrow, would you sign up for it? How do you treat your grey and/or thinning hair now?

Want to leave a question/comment for Dr. Phoenyx Austin? You can find her on her blog, Facebook fan page and Twitter.

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