3 Super Simple Rosemary Recipes for Hair Growth

by Shanti of A Curls Best Friend

Antoinette's Results of a Rosemary Rinse

Before Pantene, Queen Helene and Head and Shoulders, women turned to their gardens, woods and fields for plants that met all of their beauty needs. Whether it be a cure to dandruff, premature balding, dull strands or a desire for a new color there was a plant that they knew could meet their specific demands. I think that as the world is beginning to become more synthetic the less we truly understand the implications of allowing such chemicals, toxins and mad men creations into our bodies. It is important to be knowledgeable and at the very least know that there are natural alternatives to every single demand that humans require whether in sickness or health. With that being said, I have begun my research into herbs that can treat and assist in hair. Let's begin with Rosemary. (My source for today's research comes from the book entitled "Back to Eden" written by Jethro Kloss).

Why Rosemary?

Rosemary is very common and easily accessible herb. It is green in appearance with thin, needle-like leaves with a deep, pungent smell. When it comes to it's contributions to hair it seems to be all purpose. Here is a brief list of its uses and benefits to hair...

-Stimulates and improves circulation to the scalp thus encouraging hair growth
-Due to it's antibacterial quality it gently cleanses hair
-Increases shine
-Fights premature graying
-Relieves irritated, dry, flaky, dandruff ridden scalps

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Do It Yourself Hair Masks

IG @_poemoney

by Mary Wolff

When it comes to taking your beauty into your own hands, you can’t beat do it yourself hair masks. A homemade hair mask is not only affordable and effective; it can be really easy! When using products from the store, you never really know what might be lurking under the label. With do it yourself hair masks, you can use the most natural ingredients, and all from your kitchen, for a hair care treatment you can feel good about.


DIY Flaxseed Hair Gel

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by Sointocurls via Blacknaps.org

There are lots of ways nature can help you get your best curls. One of the best nature has to offer is flaxseed. Perfect for natural hair for a variety of reasons from helping to keep the scalp healthy to making hair stronger, a DIY flaxseed hair gel is a favorite among naturals looking for an at-home solution with great hold and moisturizing properties. This quick, homemade recipe can promote hair growth, give curls shine and definition, and provide nourishing Omega 3, as well as be extremely cost-effective. With so many benefits rolled into one, this is a must-try recipe for all aspiring Curly Mixologists!


The Best Ingredients for Your Homemade Deep Conditioner Recipe

by Kanisha Parks of BlackNaps.org

Now that Winter and its harsh winds is here, it’s so important to either develop or maintain a healthy moisturizing routine for your hair by reassessing your techniques. One of the most important components of a natural hair regimen is regular deep conditioning. In the fall/winter months, utilizing deep conditioners that are moisturizing for the hair will prove to be of unique importance, as the conditions of the season cause the hair to be drier and therefore frizzier if not properly cared for.

There are some excellent deep conditioners on the market, but sometimes a good ‘ol homemade deep conditioner does your strands some good! Plus it’s nice to utilize what’s already at your fingertips.

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3 Must Have DIY Hair Recipes For This Fall

Hola Chicas!

Looking for an all-natural/organic substitute for your shampoo, facial, leave- in conditioner, body lotion, and natural hair moisturizer?!  We got you.  Check out the quick and easy recipes below via CurlMix.

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A DIY Caramel Treatment To Soften Your Natural Hair

by Shelli of Hairscapades 

I often get asked about whether there are any natural hair softener options for natural hair and if henna is a good choice. Although henna may soften some curls, it can be hit or miss and seems largely dependent on the thickness of the hair strand and the existing curl formation. Henna tends to loosen the curls of those who don’t want loosening! It’s also a time-consuming process and essentially permanent, so it’s not for the faint of heart! *lol* Finally, if not done right, henna can cause damage and so I always suggest that anyone interested in trying it do their research before making the leap (I read everything I could on henna for 2 months before finally deciding to try it).

That being said, when I was in the CurlyNikki Presents Kim Coles’ Grow Out Challenge (whew … that never gets easier to write!), I read a rave review about a natural hair softener. The young lady called it a caramel treatment. This treatment was generally made with molasses (which gives it the caramel color and consistency – hence the “caramel” moniker), honey, banana baby food and oils, but there are variations on the recipe that can be found online.

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DIY Recipes for Long, 4c Hair

   Photo Courtesy of Craving Yellow

While the natural hair community is booming with lots of products that are organic, paraben-free and sulfate-free, it is still bursting at the seams with mixtresses who create their own hair remedies. It sure does not hurt to mix up your own hair treats once in a while. In fact, many well established brands began right at home by mixing up ingredients that proved to produce great results. These three DIY recipes are easy to make and are budget-saving.

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The 3 Most Basic DIY Hair Masks You Should Know

by Petra of Emily CottonTop

When it comes to my hair, I am the ultimate kitchenista. I just cannot justify buying a thirty dollar bottle of magic-protein-potion when I have a dozen eggs in the fridge. I have made a few hair masks in my time, some of which I just threw together out of experimentation, others I stole from hair blogs, magazines and the ideas from my girlfriends. Here are three of my favorite homemade hair masks to date:


4 DIY Masks to Add Volume to Fine, Natural Hair

Hola Chicas!

Looking for treatments to add volume to your natural hair? Incorporate these easy, DIY masks below to achieve disrespectfully huge results! 

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5 DIY Recipes to Restore Your Edges

If any of you are like me your concern always lies with knowing all of the additives in your favorite hair care product, and this is where ethnobotanical hair care comes into play! Ethnobotany is the scientific study of the interrelations between plants and humans on all varying areas. The area in focus here is hair care straight from the earth. No, I am not saying go outside and start rubbing dandelions and mums on your head, but I will be introducing a few recipes that your tresses will adore! For now let’s focus on natural blends of plants and their accompanying essential oils to restore those thinning edges and lacking napes! These five plants that I will introduce can have beneficial cosmetic properties extracted from every part of the plant, and with their origins spanning the Mediterranean region and the Northern Hemisphere, the different preparations or infusions will give your thinning areas and you a whole new meaning of life!

As women we love versatility with our hairstyles, but we never realize how much damage we have done to our beloved manes! Here are some earthly jewels to keep your royal crowns looking their best.

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DIY Whipped Cocoa Shea Mango Butter – Hair & Body

  DIY Whipped Cocoa Shea Mango Butter – Hair & Body uncategorized

It was only in 2014 that I discovered my love for whipped butter. This gem has multiple purposes and who doesn’t love a product that can be used for both your hair and skin!

For Natural Hair: It helps to seal in moisture, provides shine and lustre to the hair and helps tame frizz and fly-aways. Due to the ingredients, it helps to make the hair soft and supple therefore reduces friction on the hair strands which helps to reduce tangles and knots. It also is great on the scalp!

For the skin: The whip helps to seal in moisture in the skin, especially when used after a shower or bath. It helps to sooth irritated skin, generates new skin cells and can help fade light stretch marks on the body. The butter leaves the skin feeling smooth without being greasy as it gets absorbed easily.

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Goats Milk: Hair Benefits and a Conditioning Mask Recipe

by Shelli of Hairscapades

 Okay. I admit it. I’ve been holding out on you guys. But, in my defense, I did it FOR you! You see, what had happened was …

About a year ago, my girl Dottie of Threadmill (you know, the one who makes satin-lined, crocheted hats for us natural girls … and it IS that time of year) messages me on Facebook:
I have had a hair epiphany! Do you want to hear about it? I’ve been cowashing lately, and added one moisturizing ingredient to it, and WOWEE, my hair is amazing! It was an experiment that actually worked. My hair is the “heat”! I’ll be doing this at least twice a week! (I’m so excited about my new hair discovery… not sure if it’s an approved thing for natural hair…. but it is surely the thing for mine!!!!)
Maybe someone else thought of it before me, but for me, it’s my own discovery…. And if it is truly a new thing, I want you to have it! (if it’s good for you)

Goats milk lotion… made by an etsy friend. I added 1 part of my favorite no-sulfate conditioner with 1 part of the goats milk lotion, and about 4 parts water, shake it up! Added liberally, washed through my hair, and seriously Shelli, this is the best my hair has EVER looked without styling agents, or heat agents!
My hair is soft, yet has definition, and the curls aren’t frizzy but, they’re refined.I’m literally pingy with my discovery!
Needless to say, I was intrigued. So, started to do a little research! Check out some of what I discovered:

via Black Hair 101
Goat Milk Hair Benefits:
  • Make hair soft and manageable.
  • Good for dry scalp and especially for dandruff conditions.
  • Softens hair and smoothes out nicks or scratches across the hair strand.
  • Makes scalp healthier and less prone to dryness.
  • When added to other moisture rich ingredients can make hair moisturized and pliable and extremely healthy.
Goat milk can be added to shampoos, conditioners or used with other nutritious ingredients as a deep conditioner or with tea as a rinse or added to your shea, mango or cocoa butter preparations for hair and skin.
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Natural Hair Recipes for Shine, Strength and Moisture

If there is one thing all hair types can agree on, it is this: we crave shine. After all, lustrous hair is associated with healthy hair. Shiny hair is looked at in two parts: the Chroma-Band reveals the color within the hair shaft, and the Shine-Band reflect the light off of the hair's protective coating.

Principal scientist Dianna Kenneally says "The physics of hair shine is the reflection of light not just off the cuticle, but through your cuticle... The light goes through the cuticle, absorbs the color of your hair, and comes back." 

Shea & Honey Deep Conditioner
These two ingredients are miracles when it comes to dry, damaged hair. While the shea acts as a moisturizing base, the honey will seal and coat the hair for more shine and luster than ever. Naturalology offers us a fairly easy and natural, scentful deep conditioning treat for our dull hair.

You will need 1/4 cup raw shea butter, 2 tablespoons cold pressed Macadamia oil, 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

1. Using a disposable bowl, blend the ingredients into a smooth consistency.
2. Apply the concoction on damp hair and cover it with a plastic cap.
3. Let it sit for 30 minutes.
4. Rinse out with cool water to close the cuticle and promote even more shine.

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DIY Organic Hair Gel for Shiny, Moisturized Hair

by Amanda

Every woman with tightly curled and coily hair dreams of the styling product that applies like a cream, holds like a gel, does not have crunch, imparts shine, and is not drying. Does that exist? Well, I can only name a few that live up to all of those expectations. Many of us resort to layering moisturizer, milks, oil, and butters to make up for what the gel lacks but why? A styler does not have to be limited to adding hold and it should also be chock-full with nutrients.

Bri aka Smartistabeauty gives a DIY gel that does all of those things and it is completely organic, which is always a plus. Her concoction consists of the following:
  • Flax seeds - packed with omega 3 fatty acids, promotes hair growth, shine & moisture, fights hair loss
  • Chia seeds- similar benefits as flaxseed
  • Vitamin E oil -  prolongs shelf-life 
  • Fresh aloe vera - humectant, natural conditioner, pH balances the hair, helps hair retain moisture
  • Essential oil of choice
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6 Ways to Stretch and Soften Natural Hair at Home

If you have curls, coils or waves then you are probably very familiar with the term shrinkage. Most of us have it but the problem arises when your shoulder length hair turns into a TWA. As cute as the TWA look is, if you’ve worked hard to get the length, then you probably want to show it off from time to time. Here are some ways to stretch your coils and show off that length!

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Become a Natural Hair DIY Mixtress!

 by Sabrina via GlobalCouture

Are you ready for some DIYing? Great! Do you know how to start? No…OK, we can work it out! I keep seeing so many bloggers discussing it and so many friends on Facebook already doing it. They are whipping, and mixing and measuring and dicing away like seasoned chefs! They are making their own conditioners, shampoos and natural hair concoctions and you do not have to be a natural hair expert or a scientist to jump on the DIY bandwagon. All you need is the desire.

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DIY Shampoo Bars for Gentle Cleansing

I think it is safe to say that most naturals who have dabbled in DIY recipes for their own tresses feel comfortable working with natural oil blends, conditioners, and even gels. Shampoos or shampoo bars on the other hand may seem a tad taxing from the outset, as the main component of the task is to cleanse, and cleansing means working with surfactants.

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DIY- Whipped Butter Cream for Softer Skin and Hair

Tina Munzu writes:

Fall is here which means cold, dry, harsh weather. Such weather can take a toll on both our hair and skin. A perfect remedy is whipping up one's own inexpensive body and hair butter to fight off any dryness and to seal in moisture. Convert the mix into a hair butter by simply increasing the amount of shea butter and cutting back on the coconut oil. Check out this tutorial below for an easy DIY butter that will leave your skin smooth, soft and radiant this fall.

DIY Natural Hair Strengthening Tea for Shedding and Breakage

Curly Proverbz with her dope hair and accent shares her hair strengthening spritz and it looks AMAZING (and simple)!

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A Clay Mask for Natural Hair Greatness #ForSerious

I'm more product junkie than DIY mixtress, but every so often I copycat or stumble upon a DIY recipe that makes me think I could launch the next big natural hair product line.

Maybe I'm exaggerating a little. Maybe.

But this DIY clay mask has forever changed my regimen. It hydrates, moisturizes, de-frizzes, softens, and banishes dryness, while encouraging curl clumping and shine. Any problems you're having with your hair, this mask can probably solve.

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