Steaming for Too Long Can Relax Your Natural Hair?

Q: I was looking online for a hair steamer. I did some research and found a site that said there are not many studies for hair steaming. Is this true?


5 Benefits of Steaming Natural Hair

by MaiCurls of

Is your natural hair extremely dry?  Hair steaming may be just what the “hair doctor” ordered when it comes to healthy, moisturized coils and curls.

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How To Steam Natural Hair Without a Steamer

via Nappy Naturally
By now we've all read about the benefits of using hair steamers for natural hair care. We've seen all the beautiful natural haired divas whose hair has grown down their backs. They rave about their natural hair absorbing all the goodness of whatever deep conditioning treatment was done...and we look in our wallets to decide if we're going to get a steamer or pay our car note.

The truth is that hair steamers offer a great way to open up the hair follicles to receive all the benefits of deep conditioning treatments. The reality is that everybody does not want to fork out the loot to get a steamer. The solution is found right under your nose: work with what you've got for the exact same results.

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The Benefits of Steaming Natural Hair

 by Michelle Thames of

This past weekend I got my hair blown out because it was time for a trim. I have not had my hair professionally straightened and trimmed since November of last year! I know that’s shocking to some, LOL! My birthday is Friday and I wanted to let my hair down!

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The Benefits of Steaming Natural Hair

Natural hair vlogger, Kelsey Janae, explains how regularly utilizing a steamer has improved the health of her curls!

Wouldn't you like to experience the indulgent lifestyle of the ancient Turks, Romans, and Greeks? The culture during that time was much focused on health and balanced well-being. Those who were most privileged were exceptionally beautiful. Their physical preservation had everything to do with the food they consumed, and the physical and spiritual rituals performed, such as steam bathing. One way that we can experience a tidbit of their luxurious lifestyle is through steam treatments, otherwise known as steam therapy. A steam treatment is a detoxifying and nourishing method that balances your body and enriches your soul. Studies have shown that regular steaming can decrease stress, rid the body of toxins, and increase circulation according to CareFair Online

Many of us do not have the full steam houses they enjoyed in ancient days, but the market provides at-home steamers such as the Huetiful Steamer, the Q-Redew, and many others. Some have even opted to use their bath and shower rooms for steaming. The benefits of steam for your hair and scalp are rich and plenty. Hairfinder explains it this way, “Probably the greatest benefit of steam for most people is the tendency of steam baths to open the pores of the skin and allow free flow of sebum and clearing of the ducts and glands in the skin. Since the scalp is made of skin with hair follicles growing from it, steam can help to alleviate common scalp issues, such as dryness and flaking, and excessive-oil production. The warmth and moisture help stimulate circulation and flush out toxins from the skin.”

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