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Oh Halloween.  A fun holiday where you’re usually allowed to creatively express yourself without any restrictions. Except of course if you want to dress up as a Black entertainer, or historical figure.

On Tuesday, NBC News host Megyn Kelly held a roundtable discussion where she literally seemed shocked that a university put a mandate on its students to refrain from dressing up in offensive costumes this year. Some of the warned against costumes included dressing up as a nun and a cowboy, just to name a few.


Natural Hair-O-Ween!

Chescalocs writes:

Hey CurlyNikki fam! I teamed up with some of my favorite Natural Hair gurus to create a series of original natural hairstyles just in time for Halloween! Please take a look at our Natural Hair-O-Ween playlist for tutorials for Medusa, Janelle Monae, Grace Jones and more! Natural Hair-O-Ween playlist:

Doing anything special for Halloween this year? Share below!

Hair Themed Halloween Costumes

by Kenny of Skinny-Kenny

Halloween is upon us everyone. I wanted to know if anyone was going to wear a Halloween costume which will feature natural hair? Maybe someone will dress as Diana Ross or Erykah Badu... or go for something historical like Nefertiti. I honestly can't think of too many costumes which feature a woman's natural hair @[email protected] Maybe you guys have thought of something clever that I haven't!?

As for me, this year I think I am going to be Forest Whitaker's Left eye!

CN Says:

I've got nothing. *kanye shrug*

But I'm definitely taking suggestions for Boog so we can pass out candy. If you recall last year, I had good intentions but ate all the candy a week before the big day... no one got to see the Angry Little Lady Bug but y'all. Not this year though... I'm not going candy shopping until Sunday ;) Live and learn.

Need costume ideas, check out NaturallyCurly's ideas, HERE and HERE.

10 Tricks and Treats for Your Natural Hair

Susonnah of NaturallyCurly writes:

This Halloween, you don’t have to go door to door asking for treats for your hair. We have compiled some of the best tricks and our favorite products that will help your hair look awesome and anything but frightening this Halloween season.

TRICK: A Good Pomade

Pomade is a thick styling agent made of mostly oils. It’s great for styling if your hair is thicker, and it leaves the hair nice and shiny. If you want control over your hair, try this pomade:
Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade

Sounds tasty, doesn’t it? Your hair will love it. This pomade is made entirely of vegetables, and resembles thick, creamy caramel. Not only does this pomade style, but it acts as a humectant, locking in moisture and giving your hair shine.

To check out the Tricks... and Treats, CLICK HERE!

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