10 Deep Conditioners for Protein Sensitive Hair

A deep conditioner is a staple product in a curly girl's product lineup. We use so many products and techniques that a deep conditioning session can help to rejuvenate our curls and bring them back to life. While searching for a deep conditioner, it is best to look at the ingredients. Some curlies are protein sensitive, which means that an overload of protein can strip the hair of moisture and make the hair stiff. On the other hand, if you are not protein sensitive and do use protein treatments, it is important to alternate between using protein and protein-free treatments so that you do not experience a protein overload. Here are 10 protein-free deep conditioners to help you find your balance.


How Collagen Strengthens Natural Hair


by Sabrina Perkins of SeriouslyNatural.org

Collagen for strengthening hair? Wait a minute... collagen is a protein? Many are not even aware that collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and this hard, insoluble and fibrous protein is found in the skin, bones and connective tissue of not just humans but animals as well.

Most of us are familiar with it being pumped into lips and even the face but while some find it necessary for fuller lips or removing wrinkles, others see it as a viable option for strengthening hair and staving off breakage. Proteins for har keep hair healthy, strong and protected from manipulation, heat, the elements and even Here's why you need to be using proteins in your natural hair routine and why collagen is a great one to try.


Using Protein Treatments to Prevent Natural Hair Breakage

Like everything in life, balance is crucial to maintaining healthy hair. You may be using the most popular or expensive deep treatments with the aim of keeping your curls healthy, but if your regimen does not give your hair a balanced amount of protein, it will be all for nothing. Your hair will be at risk of high amounts of breakage.

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How Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Stops Natural Hair Breakage

Our beautiful hair strands are 91% hard protein also known as keratin, which is responsible for the strength and structure of the hair strand and very important to hair care and hair growth. As the hair grows it can gradually get weaker at the ends, as the hair shaft has been chipped away by the elements and general manipulation from hair care and styling. The ability to keep the hair strong, while maintaining moisture to the strand is a balancing act. Too much strength could make the hair hard and brittle while too much moisture can make the hair mushy, both of which are not the ideal situation for hair. According to Hilda Sustaita, wheat protein is considered a gentle protein, broken down into smaller portions to penetrate the hair shaft and adhere to cracks along the cuticle layers.

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How to Get Stronger Natural Hair

Many curlies may find themselves on the unfortunate side of damaged hair either from chemicals (e.g. color), heat styling, manipulation, or a variation of the three. It is common and may even be expected from time to time as we get bored, lazy, or overzealous during our hair journey. What is the harm if you repair and maybe even repent? Well, knowing how to properly repair is central to healthy hair.

We hear about the benefits of protein for hair as it temporarily repairs the damage inflicted to the hair’s cuticle, but is it the only protector for our strands? It would seem so since poor ceramides rarely get much love. There are more assets to strengthen or reinforce our hair’s backbone than just proteins, and while some feel proteins are everything, there are others that see ceramides as just as vital, if not more so.

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Protein Treatments for Natural Hair Health

What are proteins?
Medical News Today defines proteins as large molecules consisting of amino acids that our bodies and the cells within them need to function properly. They are important to our existence that our body structures, functions, and regulation of the body’s cells, tissues, and organs could not exist without them! Proteins are made up of amino acids which are the building blocks of protein. Amino acids are necessary in the body’s processes for healthy skin and hair, as they simply encourage the growth of stronger hair when in conjunction with a healthy diet.

How do you get proteins into your hair?
The best way is through a proper diet but you can supplement through hair products, especially if your diet is not up to snuff. Like I mentioned above, one cannot just slather some proteins onto your hair and expect absorption. Yolanda Anderson, M.Ed. (Chemistry) explains that proteins like keratin and collagen are extremely large and need to be broken down so they can be absorbed or rather stick to the hair. That process is called hydrolysis and cannot be done by you or me but in a lab.

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