New Growth – Ep. 10 – Krishna Das on Chanting, Divine Love and Neem Karoli Baba

Krishna Das joins Nikki to share how developing the ability to let go through spiritual practices, like chanting mantra, can angle us back towards love and the vast silence of being.

Nikki Walton welcomes kirtan wallah and host of the Pilgrim Heart Podcast, Krishna Das, to New Growth. Expressing that Krishna Das’ music and chanting have been the soundtrack and steady baseline rhythm to her year in 2020, Nikki lays out the blueprint for the conversation as one focused on sharing the practice of chanting–the methodology, the benefits, and the reasoning–with people who may be unfamiliar. Of course, there is something for every level of inquiry, as Krishna Das and Nikki dive into topics of spiritual practice, the silence of being, suffering, letting go, finding your true self, mantra, the Names of God, India, and Neem Karoli Baba, Maharajji.

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