Spend Less Time On Your Hair- Easy Natural Hair Regimens!


by Emilia Obiekea of AdoreBotanicals.com

Hair Care Simplified

As naturals we tend to inadvertently over complicate our hair care in an effort to be as natural as possible. It is always a good idea to reevaluate how we care for our hair.

Lazy Naturals- The One Step L.O.C. Method for Moisturized Natural Hair

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by HadassaH. of NappilyNigerianGirl

Hello ladies!

Guess what I've been doing?  Trying to solve the problem of dry natural hair, especially for new naturals.

I get a lot of questions about the L.O.C. method of moisturizing natural hair.  For those who don't know, L.O.C means Liquid, Oil and Cream.  This shows the order of application of products to keep hair moisturized and sealed for longer.  Moisturized hair is softer and less prone to breakage, splits and knots.  To put it simply, moisturized hair is healthy, happy hair.  Moisturized hair is also less likely to frizz and poof up.

So with the L.O.C. method, you first apply a liquid (water), then seal in with any oil favored by your hair and then apply your hair cream/butter/pudding/styler.

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Lazy Naturals- Keep It Simple, Boo.

by Toia B of Luvtobnatural.com

In this week’s edition, I thought I’d pick up from where we left off last week. Shall we?

This natural hair stuff doesn’t have to be as difficult or as confusing as some might make it out to be. One way to keep from pulling out your hair in frustration is to keep a simple and consistent regimen, starting with a handful of products. In my experience, there are just a few basic things you really need to get you started on a decent regimen.

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The Lazy Naturals Guide to Adding Moisture

Hello! I am a lazy natural. I avoid styles that take long to install, I avoid tedious techniques. I use short cuts, and simple tricks to stretch the time in between wash days, and keep my tightly coiled curls happy. Here are just a few of my tricks for LAZY Naturals.

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