THIS is How You Avoid Breakage During a Transition to Natural Hair

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by Sabrina Perkins of

If you’ve made the decision to transition long-term, then you already understand the difficulty that comes with dealing with two textures. The line of demarcation (between the relaxed hair and natural hair) is a weak spot that is very prone to breakage and needs to be handled with kid gloves to minimize damage.

Handling your hair carefully is an obvious step, but what else can be done to prevent breakage? Check out these 5 pointers that will help your long-term transitioning go smoother and happier!


4 Signs a Long Term Transition to Natural Hair Isn't for You

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Transitioning is not for everyone. Like many, I also wanted to seamlessly transition to a full head of natural coils in two years, only to find myself with scissors in front of a mirror ten months later. Washing, detangling, and styling my hair had become unbearably challenging in my later months. My schedule began to revolve around my hair and I had to realize that it is not that serious.

Hair means something different to each individual, but stress and frustration should not. Transitioning is ideal for someone who is patient, busy, and enjoys the simple things in life. I understand the discomfort of wearing a length you do not or are not ready to accept, but consider these four things to decide if a healthy transition is possible for you.

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Transitioning to Natural Hair Without a Big Chop

by Audrey Sivasothy of The Science of Black Hair

Going from relaxed to natural hair can be an exciting, liberating experience, and there are two basic ways to get there. The fastest, no nonsense way to go natural is by simply cutting off all the relaxed hair in one fell swoop, or big chopping. But big chopping can require a strength that not everyone is equipped with at the outset of a hair care journey. For some, deliberate transitioning complete with mini chops is a necessary part of the “back to natural” process. And, if we really look at it, everyone who makes the journey must transition. Whether you big chop on day one of your thought, or a year after the initial thought, transitioning always starts with the mind well before any actionable steps are taken. In some circles, however, transitioning— especially long term transitioning, is seen as a sign of weakness. I argue, quite the contrary!

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Tips for Transitioning Little Girls to Natural Hair

By Shaunic of

My daughter has never had a perm, but I did! I had a perm for more than 20 years before I decided to transition my hair to natural in 2009. (My daughter’s hair inspired me to transition to natural.) I knew that if I could be patient and figure out how to manage her natural hair, I could certainly do the same with mine.

If you gave your little girl a perm and now regret it, or you've transitioned like me and want to do the same with your daughter, or whatever your situation maybe, I am going to share my transitioning tips and suggestions with you.

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How to Minimize Breakage During Your Transition to Natural Hair

 by Kanisha Parks of

When it comes to transitioning, breakage has always been a big concern. Maintaining and manipulating two completely different textures yields a significant amount of “wear and tear” on the hair. As your natural texture begins to grow in, your relaxed hair will become increasingly more and more fragile with time. But that doesn’t mean that you have to experience severe shedding and breakage. There are definitely ways to keep your hair relatively healthy throughout your transition. Keep in mind that the way your hair responds to transitioning will depend heavily on the state of your hair at the start. So if your hair is already broken, damaged, and/or prone to breakage at the onset of your transition, you may have a more difficult time minimizing breakage than someone with a healthy head of relaxed hair. Either way, you can successfully transition to natural hair without experiencing heavy breakage by following a few simple tips:

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5 Chic Hairstyles for Transitioners!

 by Kanisha Parks of

If you are currently transitioning, then you know how difficult it can be to maintain two different textures. Detangling becomes a bit more challenging so when it comes to styling, you really want to keep it simple. Sticking to styles that are easy to do will decrease manipulation of the two textures and therefore lessen the chances of breakage and shedding.

If you’ve had trouble styling or simply want to discover a few styles to implement in your transitioning regimen that are easy to achieve but also fabulous, we’ve got you covered! These styles will help blend your textures and get you through the week. Plus, we made it easy for you: all of these styles start with the letter B, just like Black Naps. (See what we did there?) As always, make the style your own and have fun with it!

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