Recreate This Look: Big, Bold Natural Hair

Clarissa Todd writes:

This picture went viral but little did everyone know, it was a WIG I created. Alot of naturals want to try color but their hair may or may not be in the best condition to handle color or they may not want the full commitment to a particular color. I would suggest to try the color of choice by creating a wig! Now-a-days weave comes in every texture and color, even ombre so have fun with it and create!

Marley Hair Benefits for Natural Hair

By Tiffani G. of
Is this love, is this love, that I'm feeling?

From Instagram to your own block, women are rocking natural styles. Braids, twists, and even faux dreadlocks are setting the scene for summer. No matter the style, Marley hair can help you achieve the look.

Protective styles give your hair a break from daily styling and manipulating. Whether you choose chunky twists or delicate crochet braids, Marley hair is a great choice for your summer style. Low maintenance and lightweight, the texture of Marley hair mimics natural hair for a style that's all your own.

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Tips on How to Wash and Reuse Marley Hair

Protective styling is a large part of what helps naturalistas achieve and maintain length. Some of the most coveted protective styles that have become popular are Marley Twists, Crochet Braids, and the timelessness and creativity of Box Braids. Unfortunately, not all of us have beautiful textured strands cascading down our backs so we turn to extensions. Having extensions to achieve length is great but what happens after our protective style is 3 to 4 weeks old.

The Faux Big Chop- A Crochet TWA Tutorial!

“My face is too fat” and “My head is too big” are all things we hear from women who are hesitant to big chop or get a haircut. CurlyNikki is all about equipping women with educational tools that allow them to make educated choices and exercise their options, so when I saw Pure Estrogen’s DIY big chop crochet tutorial I was more than excited to share. Women have been faking length, texture, and locs for years so why not fake a big chop? Most of the DIY short-haired wigs on YouTube are with curly and wavy textures and now here’s one with afro-textured hair. Not quite sure or ready to big chop? Make your own wig!

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The Best Brands of Marley Hair for Crochet Braids

by Kanisha Parks of

When it comes to Marley hair, all brands were certainly not created equal. Plus, every local beauty supply store doesn’t carry the same brands of hair. It isn’t wise to purchase just any brand of Marley hair because some brands are tough to work with and/or do not yield as sleek a result as other brands. It’s important to choose a brand of Marley hair that is soft, flexible, and therefore easy to use and remove. For your convenience, we’ve found a few brands that are promising: check out the results for yourself below!

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