Medium Length Natural Hair Style- Ponytail and Bangs!

Do you ever have a hard time pulling your medium length natural curls back into a pony tail?  Well Curly4Christy's got you covered!  Check out her super quick, easy and chic way to pull off a ponytail with shorter hair.

Watch Now!>>>

Textured Bun with a Bang on Short Natural Hair

Watch as KinkyCurlyTop achieves a bun on her 'short, 4c hair'.  Enjoy!

'Awkward Stage'- Natural Hair Tips

It's an old upload by the lovely Amanda G but no less relevant! If you're in the mid-length stages, check these out! 

Here's another by AuCurls Naturelle-

Are you currently #TeamAwkwardStage?  If so, tell us below!  

If you've 'been there done that', share what got you through.  

Faux Hawk Tutorial- Natural Hair Styles

As naturals, we have all had those days of frizzy and undefined old hair or hair that just didn’t come out right. When those days come around, doing the same old bun and pony puff routine can be rather mundane. Instead, why not use this as an opportunity to try something new and make a statement? So if you’re game, try out an easy to do curly faux hawk.

As the name implies, it’s a style that allows you to get the look of a mohawk without sacrificing the hair on the sides of your head which is great for a diva by night, but corporate curly by day.

For this look, you will need a soft boar bristle brush, your favorite hard hold gel, a spray bottle with water and plenty of bobby pins.

Get the Look
  • Spray the hair on one side of your head near your ears with water to make it more pliable and reduce breakage while styling.
  • Apply some gel to your dampened area and distribute it by smoothing it onto the hair with your hands.
  • Grab your boar bristle brush and use it to smooth the hair back to give it a sleek appearance. This step is optional for curlies who fear the brush. If you do perform this step, just make sure to be gentle on your hair to avoid any damage.
  • Once the hair is smooth, use one hand to hold it back tightly whilst you use the other hand to bobby pin that section in place. If you find that your bobby pins aren’t doing a good enough job of holding the hair, try criss-crossing them to make an X shape that will hold the hair more securely.
  • When you have pinned your hair back, ensure that it is not too tight to avoid any breakage near the hairline. An easy way to check is to squint. If you feel any tugging near your hairline, then you know that your hair has been secured too tightly.
  • When you’re done with one side of your hair, move on to the next section and dampen, add gel, smooth it back and bobby pin it like you did with the first side.
  • To complete the look, fluff out the hair in the middle and spritz it with water if you need to revive your curls. You can also add a cute accessory to the side of your hair to really turn heads.

This style should take you only a few minutes to do, but is sure to get you plenty of compliments. Try it out and let me know how it goes in the comments section below. And as always, remember to have love, peace and curly haired bliss.

Fro-hawk Tutorial On Natural Hair
By Mama Naturalista

Calling All Veteran Naturals!

Hola Chicas,

I'm putting together a new feature and need your help!

Please send me (1) pictures of your medium to long length natural hair and captions about why you love it and/or (2) what it's like being natural after 5 years (or more), include why you decided to keep it long, or if and why you like it at a shorter length!

Please send submissions to [email protected] with 5 years natural in the subject!

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