Shelli of Hairscapades- A Wedding Story

Shelli of Hairscapades writes: 

On December 12th, I tied the knot with my love at a ceremony and reception aboard the Explorer of Seas port-side in Bayonne, NJ. To be honest, I always imagined that I'd elope. I never dreamed of my wedding day nor had I any desire or interest in planning a big, elaborate wedding. Add to that the facts that I'm the consummate procrastinator who hates planning anything and am also super cheap frugal, and you might understand my lack of motivation in setting a wedding date despite being engaged for almost a year and a half. But, with 42 knocking on the door, 2 years since our engagement fast-approaching, and a desire to have children, we knew it was time to get this thing done.

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A Natural Hair Wedding Story: Alicia B.

Alicia Brathwaite of Barbados, Caribbean/W.I., writes: 
Like many Natural Brides, I too had a tough time finding a hairstyle that wouldn't put a lot of stress on my hair, but still looked appropriate and most of all, made me feel extra beautiful on my big day!

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Tracey Boggs: Natural Hair Bride

Tracey Boggs writes: 

I had a very tough time finding natural hairstyle inspiration for my wedding, but what I eventually found came from stories on  So now I'm sharing my pictures in hope of inspiring others!

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A Natural Wedding Story- Eliss C.

Eliss writes:

Hi Nikki and fam!

I’m elated to share my experience with my hair on my wedding day. My husband and I got engaged in 2011, and we were married on 6/12/2012 at South Coast Winery Resort & Spa in Temecula, California. I’ve been natural since 2007, and I knew I would be a natural bride if I ever got married. I tend to be stubborn once my mind is made up, so luckily no one tried to pressure me about how to wear my hair.

Hair planning started months before the wedding, and I had an idea on how to wear my hair. Due to conflicting issues with the stylist (conflicting meaning, she didn’t show up), I ended up doing my hair on my own. Normally, that would cause stress upon a pending bride, but I think going wine tasting before the wedding helped to calm my nerves, LOL! Since I was already packed for the honeymoon with a plethora of hair products and styling tools, I was prepared to do the styling with some of favorites including Oyin Handmade and Joico. It took me a while to complete the style, but I managed to do so before the ceremony. The main thing I had to keep telling myself was, “Keep pinning and rolling,” because that was the key to the style. The California weather was perfect for this “June Bride,” and it managed to last through all of the eating, drinking, and dancing.

Going natural has allowed me to live for me, and on the day that my husband and I became one under the eyes of God, I wanted everyone to see me in the way He created me…natural (just with some extra makeup, diamonds, and pearls).

Tanesha- A Natural Wedding Story

Hey Nikki,
I decided to contribute to this segment because I remember the trauma I went through trying to find styles for my newly natural hair.

We got married on July 23rd 2011, at a beautiful location in Montego Bay, Jamaica- "The Wharf House". I definitely wanted a laid back beach-y rustic feel as this is the kind of couple we are. It was a beautiful day and in the end, I loved everything about it.

The hair is an unusual story.  I started my journey on November 7th 2009. This was the day of my last relaxer and I Big Chopped in March 2011.  What led to this Big Chop only 4 months before my wedding day, was an odd revelation. 

The original plan was to flat iron my new growth, so that I would then have long flowing hair for my wedding day (my hair, at the time, was past bra strap length). Things didn't quite work out that way. 

One day I mentioned jokingly to Hubby that I was going to Big Chop right before the wedding and he looked as if he was hit by a truck, almost devastated. "You cant do that!" he said, "What then are you going to do with your hair?". It was at that point that I had a revelation... how can I get my husband to love my hair if he has never seen it? How could I expect him to love it if the message I was sending was the opposite? I didn't want him to get married to one person and to wake up to another after the Big Chopped.  I had to do it, I had to Big Chop.

After I BC'ed it was really difficult trying to find a hairstyle, I didn't have a plan, I was lost. I then thought that I would do what I usually did. So I placed my hair in a low set chignon on a freshly done braid out ( fake hair was added to bun to add some body to it). The veil belongs to my mom, it's over 30 years old (the borrowed item) and the head band was made of genuine swarvoski crystals. The headband was an attempt to fight any frizz which was bound to happen in this humid weather. Most of my other sisters are natural, the pictures were beautiful, the day was beautiful, the natural hair was beautiful!

I really hope that all those ladies out there who are hesitating to Big Chop or wear their natural hair because of fear or uncertainty, will realize that they will look amazing, more so because natural hair is the hair we were blessed with... especially the Brides to Be out there.  Think to yourself "How do I want to be remembered on my wedding day?".

Please visit my facebook page and "like" it as we continue to provide inspiration for all those lovely naturals out there. Muah!

A Natural Wedding Story- Tommye

Tommye S writes:

Hey Nikki!

My husband and I were married on September 3rd, 2011 on a particularly mild Saturday in Tennessee. In the beginning, I had no idea what I would do with my hair, so I decided to see what I could find and what would work for me. After scouring the internet and finding nothing that "spoke to me", I decided to lead my husband on so that he wouldn't discover my plan. About two or three months before the wedding I decided that a simple twist out would be my wedding 'do. But I told him that I had purchased a veil and that I would straighten my hair (much to his chagrin). I wanted to throw him off of my scent so he would be surprised when he saw me.

I prepared my hair the night before by washing it and stretching it with heat (shrinkage on my hair is something serious). I washed with Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap and conditioned with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration. I applied Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioning Repair Cream and put my hair into about 8-10 twists. I wasn't sure if my hair would hold up for the pictures or through the heat (we had an air conditioning unit out in our venue), so I didn't take my hair down until I was getting ready for the ceremony.

I tried on a gorgeous rose hair clip at my bridal shop that for over one hundred dollars did NOT fit into my post graduate budget. I buckled down and visited my nearest Hobby Lobby and recreated the clip to the best of my ability to "spice" my twist-out up. I didn't want a veil because I was afraid it would overwhelm my dress and my hair.

In the end, I am more than pleased with my decision to keep it simple. The hairstyle lasted through the festivities and I loved the way my entire "look" came together. I can say that it was definitely me and that is all I wanted to be on my wedding day, just turned up a couple of notches!

Any spring brides in our midst? What are your hair plans?

A Natural Wedding Story- Crystal P.

Hi Nikki!

My husband and I were married on March 3, 2012 in Long Island, NY. We chose to have a small, private ceremony with immediate family in our home. March also marked my one year of being relaxer free!

Once I got engaged, I realized that I was going to be a natural bride and that was going to be a huge moment in my life. CurlyNikki has opened a gateway to so many new friends for me. I took to the forums asking my fellow bloggers (from the Curl Street Journal) who read my page to help me choose a hair style. After several pictures were posted, there was one particular style that everyone loved, picked out by MelMelBee.

I knew that in the months to come I needed to find a good stylist to braid my hair. Between work and planning I just became more and more unmotivated to find a stylist for a test run. Our very own LusciousMahogany offered to drive to NY to do my hair . I was so honored because Iris lives in PA and I live in NY. She did a test run on someone else's hair and sent me a picture when she was done. I told her some of the changes I would like her to make when doing my hair and we both agreed. Being that we had conflicting schedules, I had an idea. My sister was throwing me a bridal shower so if I invited Iris along with a few other ladies from the forum, we could make it a slumber party and she could also do my hair. The ladies agreed & they were all just as excited as I was!

On the day of my bridal shower, Mel and Iris arrived in NY a few hours early. We met up at the hotel and Iris did my hair & I absolutely loved it! It was such a pleasure seeing all the ladies from the forum again. Our first encounter was at the CN event in NY last October. We bonded there like we knew each other forever.

Here is a photo of us at the CN event

Here are the Divas again at the shower & my hair just done(LusciousMahogany, MelMelBee, Me, NikkiNukka, Sweetdrk1)

My fabulous wedding hairstyle & photos of me and my husband on our honeymoon

Thank you Nikki for bringing us all together! Also thank you so much Iris for taking that trip to NY and making both of my days special!

Love You Much!


Shaana- Natural Hair Bride

Shaana writes:

I just wanted to submit these pictures in case any other brides are like me and want to do their own hair, but not have to worry about the style maintaining itself..

Being that we were getting married in June in TEXAS, it was really important to me to have a hairstyle that would last through the 105 degree heat and all the line dances. I scoured the web and found this video on Youtube

The style was very simple to do and was exactly the look I was going for. Doing my hair myself not only saved me a ton of money, but allowed me some alone time before the festivities kicked off and I really needed that. My hair was perfect from the first professional pic to the last camera phone shot of the evening. My husband wasn't too happy about the weave, but I only paid $6 for the bag of hair so I had no issues taking it off and throwing it out once we got to the hotel. Wouldn't have changed a thing.


Natural Hair Bride- EJ

EJ writes:

Hello CurlyNikki and family,

I was recently married to my wonderful hubby on Sunday September 4, 2011 and what a wonderful day it was. I had no idea what was going to be done with my hair because I didn't do any trial and error sessions like suggested. However, I knew that I was going to wear it in its natural state without using any heat that day. The person who was supposed to do my hair burned her hand (frying fish ) 6 days before the wedding, but thanks to my Maid of Honor's hair stylist Kimeche, I was started and done in about 20 minutes! Fast and she did a great job!

I had a cute updo-- the back was braided upward toward the crown of my head and pinned back. I used some pearls from my former boss as my something borrowed and placed them in my hair. She used them in her wedding... She placed her grandmothers pearls individually on bobby pins and placed them in her hair which was the same thing I did...

After getting my hair done and heading over to the venue to get dressed, I was given my gifts to open from the soon to be hubby, a very cute diamond bracelet, the pink face Movado watch I secretly had my eyes on and a brand new pair of red bottoms. My hubby is the

Now that I was dressed and ready to go, we hit the door and it was showtime... The weather was more than beautiful and we had a wonderful turnout of family and friends. We jumped the broom and really had a fabulous day. I couldn't be more grateful and blessed.

Thanks for sharing in our day
~The Draytons

P.S.- Here is a link to the post on my blog for a more detailed recap. Thanks so much Nikki!
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Sabrina- A Natural Bride

I never would have imagined that 10 months after I Big Chopped I would be walking down the aisle and getting married to the man I love.

We were engaged Dec. 13th, a mere 5 months post BC. Uh oh….what was I to do working with my teeny weeny afro?

To be truthful I didn’t even begin to mess around with it until 2 weeks before the wedding. I was just praying and treating my hair as nice as I could, as to maximize every 8th of an inch of length. I only had 5 month to grow and I wasn’t taking any chances.

As most naturals, I am all over the youtube scene. With my favorites being Kimmaytube, brOnzeqt, allthatsgold, and Naptural85. And it was this video from Naptural85 that was my inspiration. It was simple, elegant, and still flaunted my natural tresses. Because my hair was shorter than hers in the video, I decided to lock my curl pattern in with gel and blowdry the roots. The front I smoothed out with a satin scarf.

The look was exactly what I wanted and only took my 30 minutes to achieve. In the end I got everything I wanted…a classic look, a man that loves the heck out of me, and an awesome party!

Ashley B.- A Natural Bride!

Hi Curlies!

My husband (Julian) and I got married on New Year's Day and had a small ceremony... we got preggers 2 weeks later! So we had a reception for our family and friends this past weekend on the anniversary of us dating.

The pic above is of me and him and the bun in the oven. Her name is Jia Nicole! And yes I copied Gia from you cause I just love the name! However I found out recently that your lil diva's middle name is Nicole! But mine is too, and it was only fitting to give her my name! The second pic is of my sister, April, and I. She recently big chopped and is loving the liberation! Products used were none other than Shea Moisture's Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie on a two strand twist-out...April is using Kinky Curly.

Apryl- A Natural Hair Bride

Apryl writes;

I wanted to share my bridal hair experience with you and all of your devoted readers in hopes that this may help some brides to be. First let me say, I was natural for nearly five years when I got married in March 2010, but still found it somewhat difficult to find that "perfect" style. I love my natural hair but it proved to be immensely challenging to find a hair style that would both compliment my wedding gown and display the natural glory of my hair. Mainly due to the fact that I found only limited material available to draw inspiration from.

My other challenge was with the people in my life that would ask, ever so politely "what are you going to do with your hair, dear?" As if my natural hair needed some sort of polishing or couldn't possibly hold up to the formal occasion. However those those who were closest to me, pretty much knew that whatever style I chose, my hair would be worn in all it's natural glory! The difficulty was with pairing a natural style with my wedding gown and other accessories. I was very thankful to have a stylist that I trusted help me design a style that would work great for me on my very special day. And with out a second thought, she traveled with me from Texas to Florida for my destination wedding! I am sharing my story with you and your readers in hopes that other brides to be out there will know without a doubt that it is possible to wear their hair natural on their wedding day and be the beautiful bride that they have always dreamed they would be.

Thanks for all the hard work you put into your blog and for creating a forum for natural girls to meet and share information and ideas regarding the topic of natural and curly hair. Keep up the good work and God bless you and your family.

Naomi- Natural Hair Bride

Hey Nikki,

My name is Naomi and I love your site & Forum!!! (I am a member on your forum-naomimaxine927).

I have been natural for a year and four months, and when it came to planning my wedding, I had no idea what to do with my hair. Mind you I only had a month to plan! I married the man of my dreams, who I had been with for five and a half years (my highschool sweetheart) so I wanted to look perfect for my day. My Husband (future Husband then) never really expressed a great liking towards any style, so I picked the style that I liked best- a rod set- but everyone insisted I get my hair professionally done. So I did not do my hair the night before like I originally planned, and decided to go to a stylist the day of. The morning of my wedding, my stylist feel through, which left me to my own devices. I was an all natural bride!

Chavonne- A Natural Bride

Chavonne writes:

I was nervous about wearing my natural hair out for the big day. My hair is unpredictable and I wanted some certainty that it wouldn't look a hot mess. So I tried 3 or 4 natural hair salons trying to recreate a hair style I saw in an Essence magazine. Each time my hair came out worst than the last and to make matters worse, I would be in the shop FOREVER. After the last failed attempt, I decided I was going to get a sew in weave from a former co-worker and acquaintance of mine, who is also the cousin of one of my closest friends. I had known her a while, had seen her work, and figured I could cut out all of the time that would be wasted in a shop. It was also spring and my hair loses the fight against humidity every time. I figured a weave was my safest bet.

Well, the morning of my wedding she was no where to be found. I called her repeatedly, went by he home, and waited around until it became obvious that she was standing me up. To this day she has never apologized or offered any reason as to why she just disappeared. Anyway, I knew this day would only happen once, and I was determined not to let her or anything else rain on my parade. So I unraveled my twists, stuck in some flower pins my girlfriend brought with her, and went on my way. Looking back, I can now say things worked out for the best (at least when it comes to my hair). I can't imagine what my husband's face would have looked like when he saw me with a long weave for the first time. In the end, I looked like me when I was walking down the aisle and that's the way it should have been.

KinkyCurlyCoilyMe- Natural Bride

KinkyCurlyCoilyMe writes:

Hey CurlyNikki Curlies!

I contemplated how to style my hair for my wedding for months and months and months. When we got engaged, I wasn't natural and going natural wasn't even something I had thought about. But I Big Chopped four months before my wedding and at first I still had it in my mind that I would wear a long weave and get it curled loosely for the wedding. However, as the weeks passed and I fell more and more in love with my kinky curly coily hair, there was no way I could wear a weave!

I was going to be honeymooning the day after the wedding on a cruise to Central America, so I knew keeping my hair out wasn't an option, and that a protective style would be the best thing for me!

On July 10, 2010 in Miami, Florida, I married the man of my dreams on the beach.

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