Natural Bride- Luxe

Luxe writes:

I wanted to share my natural hair pics on my wedding day! We had a totally non traditional wedding and my husband LOOOOVVVEESSS my curls! I got this style from one of the tutorials on your site and it has since become a staple! I styled with the one and only Kinky Curly Curling Custard and used Ecostyler gel to smooth my sides...Enjoy!

Natural Bride- Elina

Elina A. writes:

This is me on my wedding day, June 26, 2010. My hair was two strand flat-twisted all over, and pinned up in the middle. I wasn't sure what to do with my hair, but my natural hairstylist came up with this style and it worked. My family thought I was going to go back to the relaxer, but I showed them just how versatile and beautiful natural hair can be. My wedding hairstyle is one of my favorites, because it lasted two weeks and I had an amazing twistout afterward.

Stay Naturally Beautiful!

Natural Hair Bride- Bianca

Bianca writes:

Hey Nikki!

My husband and I got married in Jamaica on June 4th. I had just big chopped 3 months earlier and had no idea how I would wear my hair. I knew there was no way I could wear it straight with the humidity, and all too likely showers that time of year. I also never envisioned having short hair on my wedding day and neither did my concerned mom. After way too many, "What are you going to do with your hair?" questions, I decided to get on the hunt for some hair. GASP! Yes, a weave! I still wanted to look like myself just a longer haired me, so after searching high and low I found a kinky curly texture that I fell in love with. I spent the first few days of my wedding vacation with my real hair; this was the first time most of my family had seen my new look. I got tons of compliments, but I knew I wanted to look different on my actual day. So on the morning of the wedding I had the weave put in. I loved how carefree I was able to be on my wedding day. I didn’t have to worry about sweating my hair out. I also didn’t have to compromise the vision I had in my head for the way I wanted to look on my special day. I received opinions from so many people solicited and unsolicited, but in the end I went with my own opinion and I wouldn’t change a thing! :-)

Dea- A Natural Hair Bride

Dea writes:


Your site is truly a breath of fresh air. I can't tell you how encouraging your site is, seeing so many naturally beautiful sisters. I just wanted to share a few wedding pics with you. So often straight hair is associated with being glamorous and elegant. I once thought like this too. I've been natural for over a year and a half and I'm so glad I got my OWN hair styled in its natural state. No chemicals or extensions necessary.

Thanks again and keep on doing what you do!

Eboni- A Natural Bride

Meet Eboni... she reminds us of one of the BEST things about being natural... the versatility!

Hey Nikki,

I was married to the man God created for me, July 10th, 2010. I have been natural for 4 years and LOVE my curls! My hair is a representation of me; busy, eccentric, and FREE! I feel comfortable with it, and I am so over the days of the cookie cutter, relaxed bob. However, I struggled with my wedding day hair. Family and friends all had their opinions, yet most wanted me to leave it curly. My husband said he would love my hair however it was styled because he was marrying me, and not my hair.

I was torn! I rarely straighten my hair, because I am very anti-heat. Yet, I was totally anxious to see how much length had been added since my winter blowout. My husband is about the same height as me, but with my big curls springing about all over my head, and a cute pair of heels, I instantly become taller than him. So, I decided that I would brave the Texas heat, the crazy morning at the salon, and LET MY HAIR DOWN. I did not give into to any "straightening pressure", I embrace my natural hair. Besides, I did not want to be super tall over my husband at the alter! In the end, I love the way my hair turned out. There were no frizzes to be found, only the sweet aroma of love, joy, and peace!

I will never forget the look on my husband's face when I walked down the aisle. It was the most endearing look, he was drawn to my heart, and not the styling of my hair. He was not marrying me because my hair was curly or straight. I hope other natural brides will do what feels good. Just keep it NATURAL. Don't ever place yourself in a box, and let your natural hair shine!

P.S. ( I went back curly the next day!)

Thanks for reading and I love all the curlies of CurlyNikki! :)

Eboni Starr Catalan

Cara- A Natural Bride!

Hey Nikki!

My husband David and I were married June 20th, 2010 in Long Branch, NJ. Choosing wedding hair was such a struggle to say the least. After googling wedding styles over and over, I realized that there were very few natural bride pictures which of course made me sad. I eventually came across a few blogs that stated "sure natural hair is great...but not for your wedding day". UGGGHH! At that point I gave in and tried straight styles with bouncy curls and even tried out a weave. They were cute, but just not me...and certainly would not have worked in the New Jersey heat, on the beach, WITH the humidity created by the ocean.

One day I came home completely discouraged and went through many styles with my husband. He stopped me and said "you know, all of these are great, but I am IN LOVE with your natural hair... I love those curls!" I had been so concerned about being beautiful for him on our special day that I never considered that he would be more than satisfied with my natural hair. That was all I needed to rebuild my confidence and truly embrace these curls.

So, a day or so before the wedding I took a great friend of mine to a natural hair salon with me (just in case I hated it and had a nervous breakdown lol). I ended up going with a few flat twists on the side and a rod set for the rest. My friend sat there anxiously with the camera trying to gauge my reaction... and I loved it!

Hopefully this post will give other natural brides the confidence to embrace that natural hair on their special day. I cannot imagine the extra headaches I would have had running back and forth to the bathroom attempting to de-poof straight hair or flatten edges and so on. I was able to dance all night with no worries!

As I walked down the aisle and saw the smile on my husbands face, I knew I made the right decision (on both my hair and my man, lol!)

Thanks for letting me share!
Cara Rivera

Today's My Wedding Anniversary!

Hola Chicas,

Today, hubby and I are celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary! Unfortunately we don't have much planned... I'm swollen, short of breath, hot, irritable AND we have a prenatal check up in an hour! Not the most romantic... but eh... I'd be happy if he brought home some Sour Punch Straws, a hug and a smile :-) I've been killing Sour Punch Straws lately... and strawberry sodas too! Mmmmm....artificial flavoring.

We were looking through our photo album over the weekend, reminiscing, laughing and discussing how fast time has gone by!

A few of my favs:

My paternal grandmother-- she'll be here next weekend to take care of me as I prepare for baby!

Can you tell I'm a daddy's girl?

My Mother-in-Law (blue) and Sister-in-Law (brown).
We walked in to Kanye's Good Life... still one of my favorite songs!


then Break dancing...

The Nupes!
My hubby crossed in Spring '02

Good times... just thought I'd share :)

Natural Brides- Crystal W.

Heeeeeyy Nikki!!

I wanted to share some of our wedding day photos...not a straight hair in sight (at least on my head), LOL.

We got married on July 3, 2010 in an evening ceremony at The Newton White Mansion in Mitchellville, Maryland. Like a lot of natural soon to be brides, I went nearly cross-eyed over what to do with my hair. I never considered straightening it but I wanted it "styled" in some sort of fashion so I scoured the internet looking for natural haired brides or styles that I could do up with my curls.

I'd finally decided to get my hair done in two strand flat twists into a side bun when one day sitting at home getting ready for my engagement photos I'd smoothed my hair up into a simple puff and EUREKA and said to myself, "Self...why not wear my puff and add a lil somethin' to it?" Hmmmm, LOL. So fast forward 3 months and it's the week of the wedding; I did a trial run with my birdcage veil and still something was missing so I thought a flower would do it but nope, too much, then I spied some baby's breath on the kitchen table and VOILA...perfect.

The morning of, all I did was spritz my hair until it was damp with diluted Organix Cocomilk Conditioner added a little castor oil, smoothed it up into a puff, tied it down with my scarf and got my make-up done; after I got my make-up done, I took my scarf down, added fresh baby's breath to my hair and that was that :). I felt confident, happy and beautiful...the way a bride should feel on her wedding day. When I walked out with my mom, my husband cracked a huge smile, nodded and mouthed "beautiful."

Thanks for reading my story, hopefully it can show that even the most simple puff can be elegant :).


Natural Bride- Krystal

Hi Nikki,

I wanted to submit my story so that maybe it can inspire someone that is getting the pressure to straighten her hair for her big day.

I got married in September 2007, in Montego Bay Jamaica. At the time I was 6 months post BC (transitioned for 10 months). As I was going through my wedding plans, I recieved one resounding question "What are you going to do with your hair?" It usually came with raised eyebrows which I knew to mean, "I know she's not going to keep her hair like that". I would simply tell them, I don't know yet. I would also receive comments and tips such as "well why don't you flat iron it or get braids?" As my day got closer, I contemplated getting braids, but then I thought, hey, I spent a year and a half growing and learning my hair... I want to show it off!!

So my big day came, and I wore my hair in a twist-out adorned with a flower, which was the perfect style for my beach wedding (I even went barefoot!!), and I received an enormous amount of compliments. The photographer, which was provided by the resort we married at, told me, " You are beautiful, and I love that you let your hair flow for your day." She had the best jamaican accent too... lol. Needless to say, my husband and I truly enjoyed ourselves.

Thank you,

Desiree- Curly Bride!

Desiree writes:

Hi Nikki!

Well, I did it! I got married! It was wonderful - everything turned out just beautifully, not the very least my hair! When we were talking about getting married, my boyfriend, I mean husband (!) requested that I wear it down and curly. Done and done! It was so easy - I just pulled a couple of pieces back at the sides, secured them with a couple of bobby pins, smoothed the fuzzies with conditioner and water, and put some shea butter on the ends. It took me longer to type that sentence than it did to fix my hair! No sitting in a salon for hours and hours getting my hair ironed and sprayed into an untouchable helmet.

Two years ago, I would never have dreamed of attempting curly hair on an occasion as important as my wedding. Because of yours and Teri's site (I found you both in December and have worn my hair curly since January), I trusted my curls and they didn't disappoint! Thank you so much for doing what you do - you're an invaluable source of support and believe me when I tell you, you help people!! I'm 33 years old and I never knew what the heck to do with my hair - and my poor (Mexican) mother didn't have the first clue! I started getting relaxers at 16 and stopped at 23 and became a slave to my blow dryer, curling iron and flat iron. I have to confess I did straighten it about a week ago just to see how long it was getting, but it was such a gigantic pain and it started raining the second I finished that I will not do that again for a looong time!

I'm expecting a baby in the spring and I'm kind of hoping it's a girl - that way I can show her how to love her curls and teach her that there's no such thing as good hair!

Thank you Nikki!


Desiree's Blog

Submit your Natural Bride story today!

Natural Brides- Rania

This transitioning bride shined on her wedding day with a modified wash&go:

Hi Nikki,

I asked you earlier this year about suggestions for wedding hair since I am 6 months into transitioning. A lot of people strongly suggested I just straighten my hair and then style it, but I felt that would be cheating. I had NO clue what I was going to do, but I went to the stylist with a half flat-twist out in the front and a wash and go in the back (because my hair, although mostly relaxed, still curls quite a lot) and told her to style it however she could without adding heat or "smoothing it out." And here are the final results!!! I loved my hair and I didn't have to worry about rain, humidity (since the wedding was in Houston, TX) or sweating out my edges. I'm so glad I'm going natural and I'm even more glad I stayed true to myself and my hair for the most important day of my life. Hope you can use these pics to help inspire other natural brides!

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