Return of the Curls!- Greensboro, NC

Yesterday I had the pleasure of returning to North Carolina (Greensboro!) to support a wonderful and impeccably organized event- Return of the Curls, put on by the fabulous Keenya Kelly.  Hundreds of curlies and supporters turned out for fellowship, education and a little shopping!  I signed books, shared tips and ogled lots of hurr.  Enjoy the view!

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Natural Hair & Clean Living- World Natural Hair Show

Chiiiiiild... I am drained. 

Yesterday, I attended the World Natural Hair Show in Atlannuh with Mizani and I had one heck of an itinerary.  My day started in State College at 5 am. After a layover in D.C., a layover in Buffalo, some complimentary wine (thanks Delta, boo! *flips hair, pops gum*) and a delay, I made it to the A by 2:30 pm.  Same time zone in case you're doing the math.  There was the issue of the weather on the last leg and then someone spilled some damn jet fuel directly behind our plane. Really, tho? Fire department all on the tarmac... whole mess. 

At any rate, after all of that, I was at the hair show doing my thing for a total of 90 minutes. Where to next? Back to the airport, of course! Ready to head home...until my flight got delayed, all 3 of them. More complimentary wine and an upgrade to first class? Yes, please! Seven hours later I was back in State College resting my curly little head. Can somebody say pooped?  Oh, and for the concerned cyber aunties, Boog was safe and sound, looking after #ProfessorDaddy. They didn't even burn the house down! 


St. Louis Curlfriends Turn Up!- Book Signing Event!

TODAY'S THE DAY! Get there early, chicas!

I'm coming home, y'all! Sponsored by the fabulous SheaMoisture with special guest, Q-Redew, this is one event you won't want to miss! Similar to my other soirĂ©es, there will be hair talk, consultations, pics, dranks and more! A very posh... very upscale partay! I hope to see you this weekend!

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The event is #Free99 and you must be 21 to get in!

The Kinky Collaborative!

Go have fun, give Lexi a hug for me and report back! I'll be there in spirit!

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