5 Protective Styles For Spring

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by Mary Wolff
After winter ends, spring brings on some much-needed sunshine and warmth. While there is no denying the change of weather is welcomed by most people with open arms, spring can also bring some hair care concerns for us curlies. With all that sunshine and warmth comes humidity, rainstorms, and more than a few bad hair days packed with frizz. An easy way to combat this seasonal burden is with spring-friendly protective styles! Here are my top 5 protective styles for spring so you can survive this complicated time with ease.

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Protecting Your Hair From the Elements

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by Mary Wolff

Your hair needs your help. If you want your strands to look their best, they need you to protect them from all sorts of daily dangers. When it comes to protecting your hair from the elements, we have a few tips to keep your hair looking and feeling its best!

The most important thing to remember about protecting your hair from the elements is that it is a yearlong commitment just like the rest of your routine.

Here are a few tips on protecting your hair from the elements.


4 Easy Steps to Maintain Your Crochet Braids

by Kanisha Parks of Shessaved.com

I’ve been wearing crochet braids for four weeks straight now and I am so in love with this style. Most people don’t even realize it’s not my hair unless I tell them, and the maintenance is so easy. And get this: I only used one pack of Jamaican Bounce hair (Urban Beauty brand, $7.99/pack) that I purchased at my local beauty supply store to achieve this look.

The beginning of winter definitely took a toll on my hair and I quickly realized I needed to do something about it. Crochet braids were my answer, and they are super easy to maintain.

I would wholeheartedly recommend crochet braids if you’re thinking about them. Here’s how I’ve kept mine looking good for almost a month now, which only takes 5 minutes (or less) a day:

Super Easy, Pre-Curled Silver Crochet Braids!

Zara writes:

I'd like to share this vid of Nicola talking about her super durable, gray crochet braid style! The hair is from "Latched + Hooked" and is super easy to use! Next time, I'll probably help her with the install!

This is a quick/stress-free winter protective style for any no-fuss natural. I hope you enjoy! 

Chic and Easy High Bun with Cuban Twist Hair #BunLife

by Toia B. of LuvToBNatural.com

I first created this super easy high bun for my maternity photo shoot, inspired by a style I saw on the beautiful Cassandra Beccai. Since then, it has easily become one of my go-to styles and the one I get the most compliments on. Today, I’m SO excited to finally share this high bun tutorial with you!s

DIY: Easiest Closure Wig, Ever!

Zara writes:

Here is a vid demonstrating how I slay this super easy closure wig. I needed a cute protective style that would take little effort to accomplish and also cause no tension. This natural hair texture wig was the answer! Perfect for every hair type and takes less than 2 hours to complete!

Grow Long Natural Hair using African Threaded Extensions!

Nadine of GirlsLoveYourCurls writes:

This video is a step by step tutorial on African threaded extensions. It is a fantastic way to retain length, because it protects your hair while locking in moisture. I've used this technique to grow my natural hair several times and love it, because it's quicker to put in and take down than regular braids. I have not seen this technique anywhere on YouTube, so I wanted to share it.

Why You Should Protective Style More Often!

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by Ariane of BlackNaps.org

Many have asked the question, how can you enjoy your hair if it’s always tied up in protective styles. My response: because it makes life easier. Protective styling is constantly encouraged, especially among type 4 natural with coily hair types because it has the benefit of helping you retain length, but it also comes with more advantages:


How New Naturals Can Save Money On Protective Styling

by Sabrina Perkins of Natural Hair for Beginners

Being a new natural has its challenges. Styling, washing, conditioning and even nighttime routines can make for longer than usual hair care and who needs or wants those kinds of headaches?! Sometimes you want something simple to just get you through the day. Is that even possible when first out of the gate as a natural hair newbie?


Try This Easy Protective Style for Maximum Length Retention!

by Ariane of BlackNaps.org

Loose twists are a versatile long term style that can help you retain more hair length. They require very little upkeep and look great on medium to long length natural hair. Love the look of locs but not too crazy about the commitment? This style is for you!


Quick and Simple Halo Braid on Natural Hair

Naturally Elite writes:

In this video I am sharing my simple technique on how to do a Halo/ Crown braid with hair added.

This style is so simple to do and yet so glam! I LOVE IT!



Top Tricks for Adding Glam to Your Protective Style

Stretch your hair first before attempting something like this

by Ariane of BlackNaps.org

My hair is tightly coiled and shrinks up to 70% or more its true length so protective styles are not always my favorite look. I much prefer low manipulation styles like my go to high afro puff because I love having volume, but I cannot deny the benefits of protective styling.

When my hair is worn protectively my hair it isn’t as prone to tangles, in many cases it’s very low maintenance, it retains moisture far longer and ultimately I have less breakage which gives me more length retention. What I have found is that there are some tricks to adding more glam to protective looks…

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How to Detangle and Lose Less Hair After a Protective Style

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by Doyin Badewa

I am definitely here for finger detangling my hair and I have been doing it for months now. I had just taken out my faux locs and did not rethink continuing my regular finger detangling ritual before shampooing my hair and let’s just say it did not turn out so well. I ended up with a big mess of tangles and lost a lot more hair shed than usual. I realized that because I had the faux locs in for quite a while, after taking them out (and not detangling it for a few days after that), I had developed some major kinks that finger detangling alone was not able to remove. With the length and amount of my hair, I had to go back to my neglected faithful combs. If you ever fall into a hot tangling mess like I did, remember:


How to Moisturize Your Protective Styles to Avoid Breakage

image (2)

by Kiara B. via GlobalCouture.net

What are protective styles?
As a part of the transitioning process or just to protect your luscious curls from the harsh weather and over manipulation, protective styles such as braids, twists, buns, bantu knots, up-do’s, etc.  can be very beneficial. But, if not maintained properly can cause extreme breakage. Since most transitioning and natural beauties seek these styles because they are low maintenance and are considered to be a “break” from daily handling, you may fall into the temptation of not caring for your hair, which will later result in breakage.

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How to Care for Your Natural Hair While Protective Styling

by Michelle Thames of HappilyEverNatural.com

Protective styling is known as a style that helps to protect your hair and ends from the everyday elements. A protective style does not require much manipulation such as combing, brushing and pulling of your hair. I love wearing protective styles all year round.

If you have been keeping up with me, you know that I have been protective styling all summer. The reason that I have chosen to wear protective styles this summer is because I am trying to help my hair grow and retain length, and I’m just not feeling my natural hair right now. Due to a few reasons my hair just has not been super healthy like it should be. I talked about how I had to learn all over again how to care for my natural hair post baby, here.


For Beginners: How to Crochet Braid

Watch as Shekia Renea shows us how she installs crochet braids quickly and easily using Jamaican Bounce Pre-Curled Hair!  Enjoy!


3 Easy Hair Braiding Styles (Beginner Friendly)

by Kanisha Parks of BlackNaps.org

Braids are one of the most popular protective styles in the natural hair community. I personally have been wearing braids for years to retain length and to abstain from over-manipulating my hair.
If you’ve never done your own braids and would like to learn, just remember that practice makes perfect. You might not get it on the first try but don’t give up! Trust me, the money you keep in your pocket from doing your own hair is well worth the effort.

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How To Take Down Braid Extensions Without Losing Hair

Summertime is here, and you know what that means? Braids are in! We already know how to install protective styles, but do we know how to take them down without breakage? Braids are one of my favorite hairstyles because I tend to achieve maximum hair growth, so it bothers me to hear that my Curlfriends are losing hair! Here are 3 Easy Steps on How to Take Down Braids Without Losing Hair. Be sure to share your tips with me below!


Why You Need to Try Mambo Twist Crochet Braids!

IG @kiitana 

by Ariane of BlackNaps.org

My first impression of mambo crochet braids is that they are a beautiful style, but my biggest concern was that they could possibly be uncomfortably heavy. Luckily, that isn’t the case and they are worth all the rave that they get.


I Love Goddess Braids. Here's How I Install Them.

by Christian Byshe' of www.chicandcoily.com

So I was looking for a new simple yet fun hairstyle to wear for a couple days and after searching Instagram and Pinterest I ran across Goddess Braids.

Now there are so many different ways to rock the style in general and it pretty much seems that everyone has placed their own unique spin on it. Some people do flat twists while others do french braids. It just all depends on what the wearer prefers.

I chose to do 2 french braids with a slanted part.

For this style I used…
  • Eco styler olive oil gel
  • denman brush
  • rat tail comb
  • hair clamps
  • 3 bags of kanekalon braiding hair
  • moisturizer of my choice

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