4 Reasons to Get Dressed Everyday During the Pandemic

by Tammy of TheHitchconcept.com


I used to dream of being able to work from home! I pictured myself with my hair up in a messy bun, a make up free face and pajamas, with coffee on one end of the desk and a glass of wine on the other. Now that working from home has become an almost “permanent temporary” way of life, I realize those things might not be the best way to stay productive.


"I never saw beauty staring back at me."- On Loving My Hair and the Catalyst to Change


by Tammy of TheHitchConcept

When I started my hair journey almost 20 years ago (not a typo! – it’s really been that long), I stepped all the way into it. I wanted to know everything there was to know. It was as if I was playing catch up after years of not being kind to my hair, not being aware of the beauty that was my hair. It was long overdue. What I discovered during the process was that it really wasn’t about my hair. I mean it was…but not really. I learned some hard truths starting with the fact that not only did I not like my hair, but I didn’t like ME. It was the first step to the healing that I had no idea I needed. 

I was never my biggest fan. I never saw beauty staring back at me when I looked in the mirror but saying it out loud and admitting it to myself hit different. 

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