8 Short Natural Haircuts to Switch Up Your Look This Season!

The minimalism mantra of today is "less is more," and nothing showcases this more than the popular short, curly texture haircuts this year that are bold and beautiful. Just like that hot and short text from your man, a hot and short curly cut has an instantaneous "sizzle" effect. Scroll down to see the hottest short cuts of 2018 that give you all the motivation you need to go for the big chop.

Faux Tapered Cuts To Try

by Mary Wolff

Short cuts for curls can give you the best of stylish appeal and ease of care. One of the undeniable favorites for short, natural hair is the tapered cut. If you feel like this look might be right for you, but you aren’t quite ready to commit to it, there are a few faux tapered cuts to try.  Whether you don’t want to compromise your new growth or length, or you already have shorter hair, but want to experiment with this stylish look, here are a few faux tapered cuts to try that take the look to new heights.

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Best Hairstyles For The Awkward Stage

by Mary Wolff

Going natural is a big step. If you big chopped to start your transition, there is certainly an adjustment period. Part of this period is dealing with that awkward stage of hair length where it feels impossible to find styles you like that can make you feel good about your hair. Here are some of the best hairstyles for the awkward stage to help you embrace those beautiful curls!

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Bored After Your Big Chop? 6 Ways to Spice Up Your Short Natural Hair

by Tiffani Greenaway of MyMommyVents.com

We all remember the excitement that came with the big chop. How am I going to look? After scrolling through the 'gram and watching dozens of YouTube videos, you chop off your permed ends, revealing a teeny, weeny, afro. Now what?

After the first few weeks, a TWA can get, well...boring. It's too short for the really cute styles you saw online, and all you can do is wait anxiously for it to grow out. If you're bored afyer your big chop, here are 6 ways to spice it up.


How to Feel Confident with Short Natural Hair

IG @trindingtopic

by Jonna via BlackNaps.org

Whether it's the result of big chopping to start your natural hair journey, for the convenience of care-free hair styling, or simply a part of your signature look, short hair has always been on trend for women. Personally, I’m fan of big, long hair on myself, but a huge fan of short hair on other ladies. While many ladies are concerned about losing their femininity if their hair is too short, there are lots of ladies in the place with style and grace, rocking short tapered cuts down to bald fades.

If you’re looking for some tips for feeling feminine and confident with short hair, here are some ladies to share with you their tips on how to join Team #ShortHairDontCare:


Late to Class? 6 Quick Buns for Natural Hair

Yikes! I’m super late to class and it’s only the first week of college! I heard my professor precisely locks the door at 8 am and I refuse to get dropped from my English class. I’ve got fifteen minutes to make it to class on time and not get embarrassed. That means 3 min to brush my teeth and throw water on my face, 2 min to dress, 5 min to do something with my hair, and 5 min to scurry through first-year freshmen with maps. Wait a minute…five minutes to do my hair? The same hair I haphazardly slept on because I was too tired to do anything thing with? Yes, it’s time for a hot bun without looking like a hot mess.

Rocking Short Natural Hair with Thin Edges? Try This Instant Fix!

by Emilia Obiekea of Adorebotanicals.com

Rocking short hair with thinning or balding edges has been a hindrance for many ladies, especially when going natural. It is always easier to hide them with longer hair styles. This can be caused by tension, health issues or hereditary. Below, I'm sharing tips on stimulating growth in those problem areas and how to camouflage bald spots flawlessly. Be ready to rock your hair as short as you like with confidence!


The Sponge Method for Curl Definition- #BoutThatTWALife

The sponge method is the perfect refresher method that literally takes 5 minutes to do. It's used for short hair and TWA's, but can probably be used for any sized afro if you're looking for some definition. It helps get rid of frizz and gives your TWA some defined coils. You can get these sponges at any auto store, Walmart, and even some beauty supply stores are now carrying them. 

Watch as Shekia Renea removes frizz from her TWA using the sponge method for curl definition! 

How To Protect Your TWA for Short Natural Hair Greatness


by Sabrina Perkins of SeriouslyNatural.org

The TWA or Teeny Weenie Afro is more than just the beginning of one’s natural hair journey. It is a style all on its own. It can be dressed up or down-- fro'ed out, sponge curled, finger coiled, twisted or you can just rock your natural curls!  The style choices for TWAs are only limited by your own preferences but what should not be a preference is caring for and protecting your short hair. Make no mistake…short hair needs TLC too! While buns, updos, and braids are traditional ways to protect your ends, with a TWA you do not have that luxury so here are some easy yet effective tips on protecting your TWA or short hair.


3 Things I’m Doing for My Short Natural Hair's “Awkward Stage”

by Jascmeen Bush of Jascmeen.com

Every stage of the natural hair journey has its challenges. When I was transitioning I was bound to braids and buns. When I had my TWA I thought I had to wear huge earrings every day to keep from looking boyish. Now I’m firmly planted in the awkward stage and I’ve got a whole new set of issues, (the greatest being that on some days my head just ends up looking like a broccoli floret, lol!)


How to Maintain Healthy Short Hair

Miss Alexandria Nicole

by Emilia Obiekea of AdoreBotanicals.com

There are many different starts to the natural hair journey. Some slowly transition from relaxed, heat or color damaged hair. While others reach for the scissors and go for the big chop (BC). Rocking a new short style can be daunting and liberating for new naturals. Here are some tips to help get you over the hump. Check them out so you can enjoy your hair in all of its awesomeness!


Natural Hair Styles- The High Bun Hack for Short Hair

by Jasmeen of Jascmeen.com

There's nothing like working with awkward length natural hair! 

One of the few things I miss about my longer hair is my updo’s. Up until now my hair was just too short to make a bun, hell— it can barely make a ponytail that I can attach a fake bun to!

I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a woman doing her daughter’s hair and saw a trick she had for making her daughter’s short hair into a full poof. I used this technique to create my own teeny-weeny ponytail and then popped a faux bun on top. Here’s the scoop:


Sleek Bun Tutorial for Short & Thick, Natural Hair!

Hola Chicas!

Watch as Shades of Chelsea demonstrates how she achieves a sleek bun on her short & thick, natural hair!


Easy Short Natural Styles

Sabrina Perkins of SeriouslyNatural.org 

Short hair does not mean 'lack of options for natural hair'. As a matter of fact, you have tons of styles to rock that are simple, elegant and easy. I am always here for the easy as I am a lazy natural (not neglectful) and never want to spend too much time on my hair.

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5 Minute Sponge Coils- Wash and Go for 4c Natural Hair

Watch as TheNaturalChica123 preps her hair for a fierce wash and go using a few basic tools and products!

Sponge Twists and Coils- How to Define Your Short, Natural Hair

A new category of hair styling tool has emerged. It has been seen at stores like Michael's, local beauty supplies, Amazon, and more. Type 4 naturals everywhere have been able to achieve defined twists--and even start dreads--with this innovative hair sponge, also sometimes called a twist or loc sponge.

What makes it so different from a regular sponge? It contains tiny suction holes on the foam side of the sponge that, when used on damp hair and spun around, grab the hair and twists a tendril, piece by piece.

What would normally take hours sometimes is now reduced to only minutes with the help of the twist/loc hair sponge. Online, mostly men and those with short, tapered cuts are using a hair sponge to define their coily hair.



OWN Your TWA This Summer- Short Natural Hair Styles


When I first went natural, I thought my TWA was the worst thing in the world. I only rocked protective hairstyles in hopes of growing out my hair. Instead, using protective hair styles turned out to be the easiest way to neglect my hair. After realizing the damage, I finally gained some courage to rock my TWA.

Own your teenie weenie afro (TWA) this summer. The summer is the perfect time to stray away from the protective hairstyles and give your hair a break. If some of you are still afraid of flaunting your TWA and continue using protective hairstyles to hide it, I urge you to be brave this summer! After all, your TWA is beautiful no matter how short it is. In time, the length will come. I also urge you to strive for healthy hair more than you do for lengthy hair. Instead of finding styles that will stretch your hair, focus more on length retention by deep conditioning and moisturizing.
We can already tell this summer is going to be a hot one, so give your TWA some fresh air and sun this summer!

Check out some naturalistas rocking their fabulous TWA’s in a few YouTube tutorials below:

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Creating a Regimen for your Growing TWA

by Naeeri of Your Africa is Showing

When I originally started my natural journey, I had no idea how much I would learn about my hair. I've never been one of those girls who was good at sticking to a regimen, so I never even tried. I became a product junkie, buying every good product I researched, and just did my hair from day to day. Through much trial and error (and wasted time, hair, and money), I learned that my hair taught me what it needed, wanted, and very much created its own regimen!

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Short Natural Hair: An Easy Wash Day Routine for Moisturized and Defined Curls

Rocking a TWA and looking to achieve moisture, definition, shine and all around awesomeness? 

Faux Updo Protective Style for Short Natural Hair

In this video, Traeh will show you how to achieve an updo style on your teeny weeny afro!  All you need is some Marley hair, bobby pins and Eco Styler gel.  Enjoy!

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