When It Is Time to Reinvent Ourselves

by Dr. Bruce Davis of SilentStay.com

At one time or another almost everyone has to reinvent themselves. With the loss of work, partner, or simply growing older, circumstances change and we must change too. Children leave home and parents must fill up their home and lives with something new. Retirement calls and we do not know what to do. Injury or illness clamps down on our activities. A best friend moves away. The world changes and our world has to change along with it. It's time to reinvent ourselves.


The Gift of Emptiness

By Bruce Davis, Ph.D. of Silentstay.com

Many people find brief moments of emptiness between their thoughts when they meditate.

The experience is so intriguing that they continue meditating just for glimpses into a vast unknown that is peaceful, expansive, full of nothing and yet full of everything. There is something in the emptiness between our thoughts, below our busy mind, that calls us. The monk or mystic inside each of us thirsts for this inner quietude.


Extrovert or Introvert, This Years Gift: A Silent Retreat

by Dr. Bruce Davis of SilentStay.com

People are giving someone they care about the gift of a silent retreat. The more to do, the more on the mind, the more giving is the silence.

Yes, even the type A, your favorite extrovert could love a few days of silence. Before you gulp trying to imagine him or her coming to a quiet stop, remember a silent retreat is really just simple peace and quiet. Every extrovert secretly desires some down time even though they never seem to manage it. Just tell them famous CEOs in Silicon Valley are routinely turning off all their machines for several days just to give their brains some breathing room, clarity and hope. Time to find our own thoughts and the possibility of inspiration.

The Gift of Silence

Can you hear this picture? Listen...

by Dr. Bruce Davis of SilentStay.com via HuffingtonPost

In silence we can hear our own thoughts. Perhaps more beautiful we can hear the world without the crowded stream of our thoughts. Visiting silence can be an adventure, a pilgrimage, a life changing journey into peace and quiet. We can be quite busy and loud in our attempts to make a more peaceful world. Maybe the peace we seek is not so complicated. Maybe the quiet we want can begin with turning down the noise we routinely live with. Real peace and quiet can be no further then spending some time in silence.


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