The Top 18 Curl Creams of 2018- Natural Hair Styling Essentials

There’s nothing like a great curl cream. Silky and moisturizing, these hair products are a staple in many curly girls’ hair routines. They take you from “Hey, cool hair!” to “OMG what do you use for your hair?”

There are a few different types of curl creams – styling creams, curl smoothies, souffles, and puddings all fit into this category. If the color is opaque and it’s thicker than a lotion, but thinner than a butter, it’s safe to say that you’re looking at a curl cream. Some of them are denser than others. They often contain rich butters and oils, like shea, coconut, or jojoba.

Practically all hair types should have a curl cream in their arsenal, but different types are useful for different things. Lightweight creams and curl smoothies are lovely for finishing off your wash-and-gos – the LOC method has a C in it for a reason! Thicker curl creams, souffles, and puddings are ideal for twist-outs, braid-outs, and protective styles.

With so many curl creams on the market, how do you know which one to choose for your hair? We rounded up the 18 top curl creams of 2018. Your curls will thank you!


4 New Growth Styling Tips

by Mary Wolff

No matter where you are in your natural hair journey, you have probably heard about or experienced new growth. New growth is just what it sounds like. It is new hair that has grown in with your existing, older hair which is either relaxed or permed. When transitioning to natural hair, new growth can be difficult to navigate because you essentially have two different textures on your head now. Here are a few of my favorite new growth styling tips to help make this part of the journey a little less bumpy.

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Image Source @TheNaturalistaHairShow

by Jonna of

Growing up with a great aunt who was a hairstylist and salon owner, learning how to do hair styles was like second nature to me. I would do cornrows and twists, even hair cuts on my dolls. As I got older, I would try everything from color to weaves on my own hair. I was pretty good at it and even considering becoming a hair stylist. I always thought doing hair was just a thing all Black girls learned to do growing up. That’s until I started blogging about natural hair, and connected with so many women who don’t know how to two-strand twist, braid or cornrow.

If that’s you, the thought of trying to style your own hair can be daunting. But never fear – it is not too late to learn. Here are some tips for styling your own hair even when you aren’t the best at it:

The Best High Bun Tutorials

 by Charlene Walton of

There is something about having your hair all pulled up that is so effortlessly chic... every girl can wear it with confidence. High buns, by far, are the quickest go-to for last-minute styling. If you haven’t quite mastered the high bun, check out some of the best natural hair high bun tutorials I’ve come across, which cover a variety of textures and lengths.

Are Headwraps Appropriate for the Workplace?

 by Mia via GlobalCouture

Many of us naturals have struggled with the way our hair should be worn in the workplace, but what about head wraps and turbans? Is there an appropriate way to wear them or should they even be allowed in the office at all? I’ll be the first to admit that I was against this whole idea of head wraps in the office, unless it carried a religious meaning. Actually, I wasn’t even really excited, at first, to be writing this article since I had such a strong opinion about it being prohibited.

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3 Glamorous Styles for Prom and Wedding Season

Fiona writes:

As wedding season has now arrived and I too prepare for my big day this summer, I have put together a video and some looks for my potential big day 'do! I've decided to take the plunge and be a DIY bride so I hope these photos and video can inspire other naturals too.

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