The Rope Twist Technique Using Camille Rose's Style Setter

Tina Munzu writes:

Over the years I've learned that the most twist-out definition comes from the technique used to twist. A little extra twirling of the hair prior to twisting often results in more defined curls. I got better at this as I tried to teach myself how to install Havana twists. Some refer to this type of twists as rope twists. For when my goal is definition the rope twist technique is my go to. Enjoy the video plus a first impression review of the Camille Rose Coconut Water "Style Setter" product.

Textured Pompadour Tutorial- Natural Hair Updo

Nappturally Chic Jere writes:

Here's an easy, chic, and beautiful pompadour updo tutorial that is perfect for curlies and coilies who need to protect their stands in the cold weather months while keeping their dope natural swag on HIGH!

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How to Get Lint Out of Your Daughter's Natural Hair

Gia stays getting lint in her protective styles... underneath ponytail holders, even in the bends of her braids!  Watch as DiscoveringNatural removes lint from her daughter's curls-- it's effective, creative and much less harmful than trying to scratch it away with a fingernail!  

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