Curl Defining Methods for 4c Natural Hair (Does CG, Tightly Curly & Maximum Hydration Work?)

my hair after using the Tightly Curly Method

So the new buzz is the Maximum Hydration Method,  which claims to define curls in hair with no visible curl pattern and in hair with low porosity (hair that doesn't easily absorb water/moisture and products sit  on top of strands).  In summary, for 7 days, you consistently infuse moisture into your hair morning and night.  For a lot of naturals dreading wash day, this seems like a lot of work. It may or may not be so depending on your hair and your current regimen.  So the question on most Nigerian naturals' minds is will it work?

There are three popular methods for defining curls:

- Curly Girl Method
- Tightly Curly Method, and now
- Maximum Hydration Method

Below you'll find descriptions and highlights of each method, along with their pros and cons, and my personal experiences.  

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