Here's 4 Tips For Protecting Your Curls On A Cruise

by Mary Wolff

Traveling can be a lot of fun. From sightseeing and meeting new people to getting some much need rest and relaxation, getting out there in the world has a lot of benefits. One great way to travel is a cruise. It lets you enjoy the fun of travel without the worry of transit. But what about protecting your curls on a cruise? There are a few things to keep in mind while out on the high seas! Here are my top tips for protecting your curls on a cruise.

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How To Style Curly Hair While Traveling

by Naila Carter of

When it comes to traveling, it can be a lot of fun, especially when going somewhere new. However, if you have curly hair, you may have some concerns about how to style curly hair while traveling. Here are a few of my favorite styles from my recent trip to try out on your next adventure!

I went on a cross country road trip from Philadelphia to San Francisco. “What to do with my hair?” was my first question! I wanted to have different options for my hair that were fun and sexy! As a beauty blogger, I wanted to film my trip and that meant being cute every day!

Here are 3 easy ways to style your hair while traveling in a car across the country! In 10 minutes or less make a full transformation in the bathroom with minimal products. Oh, and yes, these are ways of switching up your style that don't involve braids!

The Best Natural Hair Products for Weekend Getaways #DatingWhileNatural

Whiling dating, you might come across a few challenges, one of them being keeping yourself looking pretty during an unplanned sleepover. Lets face it, it’s “cuffing” season and you could find yourself in an impromptu romantic late night…because men seldom plan things out. However, the next day can leave you like a fish out of water without your handy hair products.

How to Travel with Natural Hair

photo credit: The Coiffure Project

When it comes to traveling, hair is just as important as prepping and packing for a trip. Really, who wants to frolic on the beach in a cute bathing suit, but have jacked up hair?! Even though natural hair on vacation can be a bit more freeing than relaxed hair at times, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its own set of travel challenges. Whether you’re rocking a frohawk or a head full of curls, follow these tips to keep your natural hair fly during your globe-trotting adventures.

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Lucky Charms

then this happened. 

Hola Chicas!

Monday morning we headed to Magens Bay to soak up some sun.  Gia buried anyone that would sit still, Perry paddle boarded, Dr. Daddy snorkeled and I sipped rum dranks under a palm tree.  There was also a steel drum band (finally!) and a veggie omelet situation, so you couldn't tell me nothin'.

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Boat So Hard

Captain Kirk. Captain Planet. Captain Kangaroo,  Captain Alvaro and now...Captain Curly Nik.

So there was that one time we charged it to the game and chartered a private boat...I walked up on deck, opened up the cooler and felt like...

The best part was that Boog, thanks to Disney Junior,  had an arsenal of canned statements ready to go--'shimmer me timbers', 'land ahoy', 'aye aye me matey', and of course, 'I'm the captain now', which made me fall out because it was so Captain Phillips.  We sailed to St. John and several British Virgin Islands, including a couple of uninhabited ones. Between the screw top wine (easy to get into that ish) and the ability to DJ that joint (all the Drake and FUN.) I was on one.  It was amazing. 

Bum So Hard

Beach bumming, that is.

I was back on Coki by 10 this morning-- luxuriating and things of that nature.  Did it proper this time, tho-- iPad reading, local folk meeting, whole-fish eating, rum drink sipping (sorry liver), beach chair lounging... and after surviving the treacherous journey back up the mountain to our flat, we're napping. Well, everyone but me.  I'm here, with you :-)  But not for long, 'cause I gotta hit the reset button for my date night with Dr. Daddy. #BirthdayEdition

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Back to the future. 

Hola Chicas,

I need some shade and a vacay. Like, real shade from palm trees, floppy hats, sun umbrellas, and even those little umbrellas in my drank. Not to be confused with:

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Traveling While Transitioning... Tips and Tricks!

by Bennii Blast of The Culture Pine

Last week I eagerly made my way back to the UK after what had seemed like forever. The journey took a ridiculous amount of time (start to finish around a crazy 17 hours) but I can’t complain as we saved a bucket load of money on the tickets, and being able to taste my beloved Nando’s again – you haven’t lived until you try this – made it all worth it.

The one thing I didn’t prepare for the last time we made this trip was protecting my hair while I caught up on some much needed sleep. This time, I piled my hair into a pineapple esque updo and folded a satin scarf into a headband and tied it around the edges of my head – what a difference!

Another mistake from last time was trying to take every single product I own with me, which increases the weight of my already heavy suitcase and takes up unnecessary space. Not to mention that one of my brand new conditioners exploded along the way – not nice! Here are a few things I did before hand to prepare for travelling:

Do Any Treatments Before You Go
If like me, your transitioning strands require frequent deep conditioning treatments to avoid matting at the demarcation line, why not do this beforehand if possible? This will help see that your hair is at its best before setting off and you can eliminate a product off the list.

Ask Ahead...
There are a number of products my mum uses for my sister's hair that I use too. Last time I ended up taking things back with me that were already hanging around the house, so now I check-in prior to travelling to see which products are already there.

Anticipate Your Next Product Splurge
Living in the Netherlands is so darn expensive compared to some of the ridiculously cheap prices in the UK. For this reason, if I have little to know conditioner etc. left, instead of replacing it before I travel, I save myself a few pennies and buy it when I'm there. Why pay 3 euros for my Herbal Essences when I can get it for £1?

Try To Stay On Board!
Transitioning hair benefits from minimal combing and hair touching, frequent moisturising, and dedication. Try to keep this on your mind while you are away, so that all that hard work isn't jeopardised over a few days of neglect. No - you shouldn't be a prisoner when caring for your hair, but try not to have too many days where you jump over board!

These are just a few things that have helped me out so far, and I'm sure I'll pick up a few more as I get further into my transition. Of course, filling up travel sized bottles with your favourite products is always a good idea. Forgetting a staple product when going away from home for a few days I'm sure you will agree, is a very, very serious matter! So, I guess the main point here is to try and plan ahead as best you can to avoid any mishaps.

Do you have any tips you swear by when traveling?

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