5 Tips to Reduce Breakage When Washing Natural Hair

Cleaning out the drain is high on the list of worst chores in life. Especially when you have (and lose) a lot of hair. We like to find small ways to put off this loathsome activity. Most of your hair breakage happens on wash day, so if you want to lose less hair then start with your shower habits.

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Clay Washing for Natural Hair Health and Growth

Clay, mud, and fine-grained earth are all words that describe our mineral-rich favorite detoxifying miracle for our bodies and hair. Whether you choose bentonite, rhassoul, or kaolin clay, they all offer benefits that to some far outweigh shampoos. If you want to ditch shampoos for their harsh sulfates and surfactants, but find co-washing inefficient, then a clay wash may be the perfect solution.

These clays are born of the earth, and as we love using what the earth has to offer, clays never disappoint. In recent years they are becoming popular but many cultures throughout our history have been using clays to heal and rid their bodies of toxins. According to Wellness Mama, there are animals that will even eat dirt and clay to remove poisons from their systems during illness and distress. They are natural, potent, and mineral-rich to clean, detoxify, and condition our hair and skin. If you are new to them do not worry, as I am about to share some of the plentiful benefits for your hair, body, and even wallet!

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Oil Rinsing for Beginners

Oil rinsing is a technique used to lock moisture in ones hair while in the process of washing and conditioning. It is very similar to the LOC method, except it is only done in the shower. It is usually done with one of three oils—olive, coconut or avocado—because they penetrate the hair shaft.

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Tips for Washing Natural Hair

by Michelle of Radiant-Brown-Beauty

We all have to regularly cleanse and condition our hair. We know we need to do it, but sometimes you just don’t feel like it!  I personally don’t mind a few hours of doing my hair... I look at it as 'me time'.  Yet, there really are times (although rare) that I want wash day to be quick, but still effective.  So, here are 3 tips that I have found to help get the job done efficiently--

I. Pre-Poo the night before
Pre-pooing is basically, applying a natural oil, conditioner or both, to your hair prior to washing it, to get it ready for the manipulation that is to follow. When you pre-poo the evening before you wash, it allows that pre-poo concoction (whatever it is) to really soak into your strands, making the wash process much easier. I have literally applied my pre-poo to tangled hair, gone to bed and when I got up the next morning to wash my hair, the tangles melted away under the shower stream. I’m currently using coconut oil mixed with Aubrey Organics GPB or another conditioner.

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3 Tips to Help You Get Through Wash Day

by ToiaB of Luvtobnatural.com

For some, the mere thought of wash day is met with eye rolls and pouts aplenty! Well, I wanted to offer just a few tips that may change your view. This isn’t necessarily a list of harsh rules or talk of products to use but just some practical suggestions to help you make the most of your wash day and get through it without grumbling.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Now, I know they call it “wash DAY” but it doesn’t always have to take that long. At the same time, you don’t wanna rush through it either. You ever speed through a task just to get it done already? More often than not, you wind up skipping steps or not doing a thorough enough job. In my experience, it doesn’t pay to try to properly wash AND style my hair when I’m pressed for time so I’ve found it better to do so when I’m completely free or close to it. This means less stress for me and there’s also a practical benefit…

3 Steps to a Drama-Free Wash Day- Natural Hair Care

by Christina Patrice of ManeObjective

Not to brag, but I've been having some ridiculously easy wash days. And while I'm sure my methods don't exactly work for everyone, there are some key points that will help you have a drama-free wash day as well.

When followed, these points help alleviate some of the stress and tension around wash days.

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Natural Girls Be Like... #WashDay

This #WashDay meme spread like wildfire in the natural hair community, and while utterly hilarious (ranch dressing and a Bible though?), this fun-poking photo does hold a grain of truth.

I've come to realize that many naturals and transitioners simply do entirely too much on wash day.

As hilarious as this meme is (I get the giggles all over again just looking at each item individually) it'd be nice if wash day wasn't a joke.

Here are three key ways to make wash day a little more manageable, and a little less, well, see above.

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