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Karuna asks…

I travel a lot. There are some places with very hard chlorinated water and some with very soft water. I notice my hair and skin feels best with soft water, more than any shampoo or conditioner I ever use. Also, I’m only in my mid twenties and I have already started getting a lot of greys. plus I seem to have a copperish brown tint in my hair which I did not have as a child. I know a lot of it is to do with genes, but does the quality of the water affect the colour? (I wash and condition my hair almost everyday). Is it worth investing in a portable water purifer? and are there any that convert hard water to soft water? Someone told me once that taking silica supplements helps with greys and hairfall? Is that really true?

The Beauty Brains respond:

It’s not surprising you notice a difference in the way your hair feels when you shampoo it with different sources of water. The minerals in hard water can deposit on hair can interact with some cleansing products.

Hard water and hair

At the very least the minerals leaving a residue on your hair that makes it look dull and feel rough. And, if the mineral cocktail includes copper it could actually be accelerating damage to hair. (At least according to ongoing research by P&G.) Theoretically this sort of damage could contribute to changes in your natural hair color. (There’s no question that exposure to water will affect artificial color from hair dyes.)

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