Reginae Carter Lost 10 Pounds in 5 Days! Here's How She Did It!

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Reginae Carter is serious about her fitness these days, so much so that the 19-year-old has been able to drop a large amount of weight in an extremely short span of time.


Naturally Fit with LaChristin- Expressersize

by LaChristin of Digital Curls

When in doubt I work it out! Exercise is an effective tool to help me relieve stress and build self-esteem. It breeds confidence in my abilities and has a positive affect on my emotions. With expectations surrounding me from every corner, I often need an outlet to escape the pressure. Unfortunately, Front Street has been closed indefinitely due to structural damage. Which means typically I’m rerouted through a detour in my pursuit of fulfillment.

LaChristin's Fitness Journey!

by LaChristin of Digital Curls

Imagine your weight at an all-time high, with your emotional state at an all-time low! This was my reality five years, two kids, and some odd forty-three pounds ago. I became a shell of my former self, spiritually broken and lost. In a world with an abundance of choices I was left with only two: continue to allow my body to spiral out of control, or rebuild an even better existence from what I once knew. I chose the latter, and through faith, family, and friendships I climbed out of my excuses and sprung into action.

It Takes A Village…To Lose Weight

by Caroline Jhingory of

During my appearance on Access Hollywood, I shared that having a solid support system of family and friends was and is the foundation which enabled me to lose 150lbs and keep it off for a decade. Allowing negative people to stay in your life during your weight loss journey, is like a crackhead attempting to get off crack while still living in the crack house.

You may not be able to give everyone the deuces, especially family members. Still, weight loss is a process of sacrifice and selfishness. It is a lifestyle change, which also means changing some of the people in your life—especially the ones that cause you to emotionally eat—and changing the activities you do with the people who stay in your life. During your weight loss journey, you will have to retrain people how to treat and speak to you. Think of everyone in your life like an elevator: They can bring you either up or down. If people constantly take you to a level that is beneath you, you may have to give them the pink slip from your life, no matter who they are.

Below, I provide specific examples of the people you need and don’t need during your weight loss journey.

 People You Need

• Folks willing to be your daily exercise partner and call or text you to remind you of workouts.

• Individuals who always forward you emails for things like discounted gym memberships, or coupons on fitness clothes.

• A friend who reminds you, “Girl, it ain’t worth it,” when you see a waiter go by with a slice of cheesecake in a restaurant.

• A significant other who, instead of picking up takeout from a greasy spoon joint on the way home from work, cooks you a healthy meal (and feeds it to you), brings you flowers, and who constantly lets you know, “Damn baby, you look good!” throughout your weight loss journey. (Whether or not you’re actually losing any weight!)

• Relatives who make sure there are healthy options readily available for you at family events where potato salad and fried chicken have already RSVP’d.

I promise you: Molding your support system to be like this will not come easy.

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