Fat Twist Updo- Natural Hair Style

Vee, a lovely transitioner shares with us how she achieves this divalicious low-mani, protective style.

Hey Nikki!
I am transitioning and my last relaxer was May 2009. I have been looking for a new staple style to rock during the summer months. I was searching youtube and found the cutest style. It is an inspired recreation of Chisellecouture's Fat Twist Updo. I found this style to be quick, simple and chic!

Products used:

Wide toothed comb

V05 Peaches and Cream Conditioner

Eco Style Olive Oil Gel

Bobbie Pins


Step 1
Hair was co-washed, detangled, sealed and air dried (in a bun overnight).

Step 2
The next day I parted my hair in three sections: first from ear to ear, then the top portion is parted on the side.

Step 3
The back portion is then parted into three sections. I then applied V05 and Olive Oil Gel to the bottom section, combed, seperated into two equal sections (so that it would create two twist).

Step 4
Continue Step 3 for the remaining sections of your hair. Depending on your hair's thickness and length you should end up with 12-15 twist (I had 13).

Step 5
Then gently grab a front section, swoop around and pin/secure twists at the crown of your head using bobbie pins. Do this for the other side also.

Step 6
Pin up the back twist at the crown of your head using bobbie pins.

Step 7
Pin any loose ends at the crown using bobbie pins.
I know it seems like a lot but it only took me about 20 minutes (mind you I was on the phone and tending to two children, at the same time). I hope these steps make sense. If not I would definitely check out Chisellecouture youtube channel.

Happy hair growing!!


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