This Black Cosplayer Is On A Mission To Banish Nerd Culture Stereotypes

Cosplayer Mica Burton
 This article first appeared on By Erickka Sy Savané
Older folks say, “She got it honest,” when a kid takes on the mannerisms or likes of a parent. This couldn’t be more true of 22-year-old cosplayer Mica Burton, who got her first taste of the cosplay world while picking her dad, actor LeVar Burton of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame, up from San Diego Comic Con.

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Wigging Out! 8 Reasons to Wig It...

By Kanisha Parks

We always talk about the versatility of natural hair but wigs—now that’s versatility! I mean there is literally a wig in every style, color, texture, and length you can imagine! We even have box braid wigs, ya’ll. Not only that, but wigs can be purchased with synthetic or human hair, and in a variety of types: lace fronts, hand tied, monofilaments, half wigs, custom wigs, etc. There are also beautiful wigs with natural textures by brands like HerGivenHair and KinkyCurlyYaki.

Many women choose wigs as their protective style of choice, and some women wear them on a daily basis. Even besides the proven benefits of protective styling, there are several reasons why wigs are a go-to. Here's 8!


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