You Get a Nook! And You Get a Nook! And You!

Hola Chicas,

So yesterday closed out week 1 of the 'Better Than Good Hair' pre-order campaign.  Up for grabs was a Nook Color for the winner and priority admittance for them and a guest to the next CN event they attend in their area. The honorable mentions get their shine on, and of course the priority admittance (+1) to an event in their area.  Finally, every participant is eligible to win one of 2 iPad Minis at the end of the campaign! 

Based on the stats, you were more likely to win this giveaway than to run into Olivia Pope at a presidential side piece convention. While that may not be entirely true, your chances of getting this Nook Color are pretty fricking good! Good luck next week everybody!

After narrowing it down to 3 pics, I called The Dr. Anderson for a second pair of eyes- 

Me: Which of these do you think should win?
Jon: Oh I don't kno- wait. Wait is that, a LIFE SIZE APPOINTMENT CARD?
Me: Thats a regular sized - no, no, you're right.
Jon: Nikki she had to cut and paste FIVE TIMES. There are less impressive science fair projects! I could just see her at home on her living room carpet like this. She gets the Nook.


Tery's Appointment Card


Ambria's Curlfriend-

"I pre-ordered my book, had to call my curlfriends and tell them to get
there's too!"

Amber's White Boy-

"...educating the "others" about natural hair can be fun!" (click to enlarge)

Thanks to everyone for your amazing and entertaining submissions!  Don't forget to re-enter! 

If you want to (1) ensure you’re not waiting for your print copy, (2) qualify to win a Nook Color and/or an iPad mini, and (3) show your support for *curly girls everywhere*, order your copies NOW! For official rules, click HERE and get your entry in before next Thursday! 

Toddlers Need A Regimen Too!

by Tammy Goodson of Curlychics

Just as it is important to create and maintain a regimen for yourself, it is equally as important to have one for your little one. Wearing multiple hats throughout the day, it can be somewhat of a balancing act trying to fit it all in. The way I handle my toddler’s hair may be a little unconventional for a few reasons but this is what works for me. For one, my son has long hair and I am not ready or willing to cut it and for two, it’s typically a 3 day process. In a nutshell, day 1 I remove his braids, day 2 I shampoo/condition and day 3 I lightly blow it out and rebraid.

Here’s the breakdown:

The Process – Day 1

Braid removal - This usually takes about 30 minutes.

Day 2
• Prior to shampooing, apply olive oil to soften and separate in 4 sections.
• Shampoo/Condition with Johnson’s Natural 3-in-1 Shampoo/Conditioner/BodyWash. (in sections)
• Continue with his bath and adjourn to the sitting room with cartoons and a healthy snack (this is crucial!)
• Apply Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave In/Detangler and styling cream of choice. (most of the time I skip the styling cream and simply use coconut oil)
• Separate hair in 10 sections (5 on each side) and braid while wet. This helps with control and stretching. (Stretching on his hair is not for length, but more so for ease of styling the next day.)
By this time, we are both ready for bed! This usually takes about 2 hours. Give or take a minute or two or twenty because you have to factor in keeping him entertained while this is all going down.

Day 3
Remove the 10 braids and blow out each section on the cool setting. Again, this is for ease of styling and sometimes I omit this step, depending on how damp his hair is from the previous day. It is much easier to detangle and part for the braiding process when it is stretched. His hair is extremely coily and thick and there is a lot of it! Whatever I can do to make the process shorter and smoother for both of us (he’s only 3), I do it.

I repeat this process every 2 weeks. #naturalkidsrock

How do you care for your toddler’s hair?

Sharing hairstories and life experiences from a curl’s perspective. Find Tammy at her blog, Curlychics, on Twitter, and Facebook.

Hair Offenders.

Recently I had the displeasure of having my hair bar me from a job. Despite the fact that I didn't really care for the job, I decided to go on the interview just to see what the job entailed. I sat calmly waiting for my turn. The first person to be interviewed was a Black man with the standard hair cut for a Black man, the tried and true shaved head; complete with an impeccable line. You know the hair cut I'm talking about. NASA can't even get lines that straight! At the end of his interview the interviewer/boss told the young man he was to start on Sunday. I thought to myself, "Wow that is an ultra fast response!", because usually they let you know in a week or a few days if they are interested in hiring you.

Next up was a girl from Syria. I know she was from Syria because that was brought up during her interview. Her interview went on the longest, because her and the interviewer got into a heated political discussion about the ongoing conflict in that region. I used to work in HR and I know that politics shouldn't ever be brought up in an interview. I looked into the office at the interviewers face he seemed a bit flustered at the young ladies thoughts. I feared the worst for her… But then he told her, "Alright we will start you on Sunday!". Then he thanked her and patted her on the back on the way out. At the door he called in the next person.

Again I sat there, waiting and listening. The next person didn't seem completely there mentally. And this was also reflected in their voice and speech during their interview. Luckily this was also the shortest interview. At the end of the interview the boss said, "I'll be honest I'm not completely sure you can do the job, BUT I'm all about giving people chances here! You will start on Monday." That was really nice of him I thought to myself. I didn't have time to dwell on that thought long because I was next!

I walked into the office, and sat down. He looked up at me as I sat down, then spent the remainder of the interview staring down at my resume. He wasn't all warm and friendly with me, like he was with all of the other people he interviewed. There was no eye contact, and no rapport either. When I answered his questions he didn't really seem to care what I was saying. He didn't take an interest in my answers like I had just witnessed him do with the three people that preceded me! Then I found out why…

"So this hair of yours" he started, finally looking up at me, "do you think I should hire you with that hair?"

"What does that have to do with this job?" I responded.

"Do you think I should hire you with that hair" he asked back in a snippy tone.

I looked at him and said, "I don't know. You're the boss here…"

My Interview with

Hola Chicas,

It's Thursday which means we've officially taken over Essence for the day!

However, today is a bit different... head over there and check out my interview that covers everything from the book, to the best thing about blogging!

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Why No One Can Compete With You. Ever.

If you are your authentic self, you have no competition. - Scott Stratten 
It’s happening. I’m starting to do that end of the year reflection thing. You’re doing it too, I just know it. How are you feeling about your journey through 2012?

Being hard on myself was so 2010 and 2011, so I happy to say that I’m not going to overanalyze what I accomplished and what I didn’t for 2012. However, it’s never a bad time to acknowledge an area where you’ve grown, and how that growth has enriched the quality of your life.

As such, I just have to tell you what a GREAT year I had professionally. If you can’t tell, I’m proud of myself. I feel like this year, I stopped playing small at work, I put my big girl panties on, and I took on more responsibility and leadership than I ever have before. And low and behold, it was acknowledged and rewarded.

Ironically, I’ve never ever wanted to leave my job more than I do now. Maybe because I proved to myself that my true value proposition is not tied to a specific company or job. I’ve worked at the same company since I graduated from college so it’s no wonder that I associate any security or success that I’ve had with that company.

But I’ve learned that my true value comes from just doing what I know how to do. I’m not talking about the skills and accomplishments that go on my resume. I mean, anyone could do my job from a tactical standpoint. I could quit tomorrow and business would keep on keeping on -- they’d fill my position, and I’d just be someone that they used to know. However, Maya Angelou said, ”People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”

And this, I believe, is my strength -- how I make people feel and the energy that I bring into a group. It's more impactful than my technical knowledge, my educational background or anything else that can be taught. So, when I doubt if I’ll be successful at another company or in other endeavors, I need only remind myself that all I had to do in order to have the most successful year of my career was to fully embrace who I am and what I bring to the table. The solution to doubt is always to be true to yourself.

Authenticity. It’s like our own built-in guarantee, but we don’t realize it. It guarantees that we are always on the right track as long as we are being honest with ourselves and with the world about who we are and who we are not. This psychologist guy named Carl Rogers once said, “What you are is good enough if you would only be it openly.”

This year, I really proved this to myself that who I am is enough.

What about you? Were there any lessons that really stood out for you?

PLPT is co-authored by Kim Jackson and GG Renee with the intention of connecting with women through messages of self-love and personal freedom. We believe that true beauty starts on the inside and radiates outward, so maintaining emotional health and balance should be an essential part of every woman's beauty regimen. We use this platform as an opportunity to share our personal experiences, and to help other women who are seeking guidance to find their own truths and live fabulously. 

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