Faux Color, Real Appeal

by Nay of MyCurlyMane.com

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bold Gold

I’ve got color; yes, I do! I’ve got color; how about you?!

I just love hair color. I think it’s a great way to accent our curls, particularly in the form of highlights. Warning! As much as I love coloring my hair, it was one of the evil culprits that caused damage. Sit back and relax for a quick recap!

History Lesson

Years ago, I would embark on weekly adventures with color, changing my hair from red to blond and back again. That was until my curly mane had enough. It drop-kicked my bottles of developer and dyes and played dead on my head… well, hair is naturally dead (ha!), but this was something entirely different. Over processing my hair through bleach and dyes left it in a limp state.

Just when I began to rehab my curls, I once again decided to get color in the form of highlights. I figured this would be less damaging, particularly since I was seeking the help of a professional stylist. Mistake! The hairdresser, who between breaks of nibbling on her lunch, over processed the front, left section of my hair. This area stopped curling as well, not to mention it was completely colored instead of highlighted! Needless to say, these and other experiences made me walk away from hair coloring.

Still, I just can’t help drooling over other curlies’ expert highlights. It makes me pause and briefly consider another bout with dyes. Fortunately, natural hair blogger CurlyNikki recently flagged a sneaky way in which we can get faux hair color by using cream eye shadow. Boing! That’s the sound of your head rattling. I know. I know. You must be thinking that us natural ladies have lost it again. Here comes another crazy concoction or method of styling. No, actually this one is quick and easy. It’s also a fun way to mix up your look.


-Maybelline 24 Hour Eyeshadow, Bold Gold
-Your curly mane, of course! – My hair was styled in a wash and go.
-10 minutes max


I literally dug my fingers into this creamy eye shadow (frowning and naysaying along the way), and randomly smoothed it down my strands, twirling it around my finger. I concentrate more of the product on the hairs around my face. I had to use a generous amount since it wasn’t initially apparent on my dark hair. You’ll need to wash and scrub this from your hands and nails. Not too bad, but it can be a little messy.


The eye shadow gave my hair a slight shimmer and gold highlights! I was pleasantly surprised. Although the shadow itself is marketed as lasting 24 hours, hence its name as a tattoo, this faded out of my hair throughout the night.

When I woke up in the morning, it was gone! I had to check my pics to remember that I applied it! The only evidence is slight traces of shimmer. This worked perfectly for styling my hair (and eyes) before I headed out to a reggae concert. I think the rocker look is perfect for heading out on the town, but it may be too much for conservative office environments. The choice is yours.

If you give this look a go, please comment and share pics below!

Have you tried the eye shadow highlights yet? What was your experience? 

Jenna Marie is Naturally Glam!

Tell us about yourself!

Hello!  My name is Jenna Marie Christian and I am a 29 year old author, philanthropist, and tea snob from Chicago.

How long have you been natural?

I have been natural for 7 years.

Did you transition or big chop?

My initial plan was to transition because I didn’t want to cut so much of my hair at once, but after two months of trying to tame to different textures, I big chopped to a teeny weeny afro.

Did you always appreciate your hair texture?

I haven’t always had love for my natural tresses. When I began my journey to natural, I was always drooling over the luxurious curlies on nappturality. So, I was quite a bit disappointed when my texture wasn’t the same as some of the other ladies. Now I have embraced my texture and I have more knowledge about methods and products that help me care for my hair.

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The best from last week- 


I went to RiteAid to get more of the Ole razzle dazzle--

...'cause I'm on my #hoarder.  The Product Junky in me gets me all paranoid like the manufacturers of my favorite hair and beauty stuffs will spontaneously halt production now that I've discovered it. Ergo, I stockpile... compulsively... which is how I end up with 5 unopened bottles of a conditioner that was the shit a month ago, but is now playing background to the latest and greatest. #SecretLifeOfNikki #HowISponsorGiveaways 

But I digress. 

Anyway, I happened upon this and copped it too--

...'cause I'm on my #GrownAssWoman. Y'all know I'm not much of a make-up girl, but in my mind, a real woman needs 'a lip', so I'm working on that, so I can be great.  Since I gifted Sylvia my MAC Lickable, I needed a replacement pink, and with the claims- 'lasts 14 hours' 'non-drying' and 'only $6.49'- on the label, I thought it was worth a try.  And it was... and it rocks... and I'll probably go back to RiteAid and buy the last 4. 

p.s. for my bougie, 'anti-grocery store makeup' curlies, I'm also loving NARS Funny Face!

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