Police Punch California Teen After "Mistaking" Her for Machete Wielding Man

Written by Tiffani Greenaway of MyMommyVents.com

Tatyana Hargrove was biking home after picking out a Father's Day gift when she stopped for a drink of water in the 103 degree heat. When she turned around, three Bakersfield, California police cars surrounded her.

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Are You Washing Your Hair The Right Way?

IG: @jaelenmitchell

by Mary Wolff

When it comes to taking care of your curls, you know the main steps for healthy hair. The big three steps (wash, condition, and deep treat) are the building blocks of any good hair plan. Have you ever wondered if you are washing your hair the right way? When it comes to that first crucial step in hair care, there are a few things you should keep in mind abbot the right way to wash your hair.

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CBS Will Air An Hour Long Michael Jackson 'Thriller' Animated Halloween Special

Whether you are old enough or not to remember the day that the music video for Michael Jackson’s Thriller dropped, this iconic song/video is fully immersed within our lives and culture. What kid didn’t stand in front of their televisions mimicking the deft choreography or shivering whenever Vincent Price’s bloodcurdling voice reverberated throughout the speakers?

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Yes, Cut It.

I flew into St. Louis, MO yesterday to spend some time with the fam here in Ferguson.  Boogie had already been here for 2 weeks, so Max and I decided to join her for the next 2 weeks!  Moments after disembarking, I headed straight to Shi Salon.  I had Brittany remove my faux locs over the weekend (*tears*... I miss them already!), and after a henna treatment and some TLC, I wanted Marie to sharpen up this bob situation.  She met me at the salon despite it being her day off! 

I immediately facetimed Dr. Daddy so he could see and he smiled and said, 'you cut it anyway!'  He likes it longer.  

A little below my chin, not jaw bone length again... that was my compromise!

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