Should Kids Call Mom's Boyfriend Dad?

 By Erickka Sy Savan√©

Should your boyfriend discipline your kids? “Hell, no!” says my aunt. Never one to hold her tongue, she tells me that it reminds her of women who let their kids call their boyfriends ‘daddy.’ “If that ain’t your daddy, don’t call him that,” she says, adding that she’s seen women with so many boyfriends/daddies that the kids don’t know who their real father is. She’s got a point.

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Mango Hair Mask

by Mary Wolff

We all know that what we eat plays a role in how our hair will look and feel. Fruits are a great way to eat healthy while giving hair the nutrition it needs to stay healthy. Mangos are one of the healthiest fruits to add to your diet, but this fruit can also be used in your hair care routine directly! With a mango hair mask, give your strands and scalp a sweet treat with lots of benefits.

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Being Mary Jane And Messy Love Triangles In Your 60's

(Photo: Richard Roundtree, Margaret Avery, Fred Williamson) 
By Mwabi Kaira

We hear about getting older and not caring about what people think. Look at our beloved Queen Maxine. I can’t wait to be like her when I grow up.  They say you finally get it together the older you get and I believe this but as with everything there are exceptions.  Being Mary Jane showed us this with the recent love triangle between Mary Jane’s parents Helen and Paul and an old friend Frank.

The Girlfriend's Guide To A Natural Childbirth

Either you’re all for a natural birth or you think that women who go that route are crazy. Really, why would any woman want to go through that much pain when they don’t have to? Well, I was one such woman. In fact, my epidural was planned way before I was even thinking of getting pregnant. For me, pain has always been the enemy. However, once I did get pregnant and discovered the benefits of birthing naturally, (less chance of interventions that can lead to more interventions, the baby is born more alert, and a faster recovery time), I was hooked, and had two births sans medication. But it was a process, and it couldn't have happened without my girlfriends who held me down. So if you’re thinking of having a natural birth, or you plan to give birth one day, consider this information when you're making your decision.

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Defending DACA Against America's War On Brown People

America Ferrera in NBC'S 'Superstore'
By Mwabi Kaira

I remember first seeing the commercials for NBC’s 'Superstore,' a comedy starring America Ferrera about a superstore, and thinking that it would never work. The joke was on me, I laughed through the multiple episodes I binged.  There was an episode where Mateo, the Filipino immigrant finds out quite by accident that he is undocumented.  The superstore, Cloud 9, is celebrating The Olympics and Mateo proudly displays his Philippines lapel pin to which his boss Glenn says he should be loyal to the United States.  

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