Crying In Public: Sign Of Weakness Or Strength?

By: Maya Wright

I’m an emotional person, if that’s what you want to call it. It’s not something I apologize for (because, why should I?)—but I do feel sorry for it; that is, when I allow myself to be that kind of vulnerable with someone who simply wasn’t worth my trust.

I had a pretty rough week last week, and I let myself cry in front of a friend on three different occasions. After the first time, they assured me that I could confide in them and that I didn’t have to bear my burden alone. It was comforting and I felt honesty in their admission; so a couple of days later, I cried in front of them again and then once more the next day. I thought everything was cool and confidential until we were watching a movie with a group of friends (who I have never cried in front of) and the friend I had trusted suggested to everyone that I was emotional. Everyone got a good laugh out of it and I played it off, but I was pretty hurt. It caught me off guard that they would betray my trust like that and I vowed to never cry in front of them again.

But it caused me to really consider: Where did this notion originate, of not wanting to cry in front of other people?


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First we feel Go(o)d, then we do the things. #Inspired

Feel go(o)d FIRST, then get out of bed. Feel go(o)d and then give that talk. Feel go(o)d, then write. Feel go(o)d, then spend time with the kids. Feel go(o)d and then check your feed, or don’t.😂 When you’re feeling go(o)d, the things you do change. When you’re feeling go(o)d, the things you prioritize and invest in, change. Your thoughts change. Because that go(o)d starts flowing through you, working through you, appearing AS you. You finally start being the REAL YOU. You eat different, you stand different, you talk different, you walk different, effortlessly. Your desires change. Your squad vibrates higher. You ‘be’ HER—the woman you always knew you had the potential to be. When you feel go(o)d, you know that all is really, really, truly well. ‘It’s all go(o)d!’ You knew this and you forgot. You went to sleep and started dreaming this dream of hardship, fear, separation, competition and lack. You forgot, but now you’re waking up. You’re beginning to remember and it feels right, you’re feeling go(o)d. Smile. 😊 Smile, bigger. 😆 Keep smiling while you finish reading—


Stop Waiting.

Don’t wait for shit to shake or you’ll be waiting forever. Feel how you’d feel if shit was shaking now. Feel how you’d feel if shit shook yesterday.

Take inspired action, do the things, and give yourself permission to feel how you’d feel if absolutely amazing life-altering news (aka something shaking!) was already here, right now, sitting in your inbox. Allow yourSELF to experience that inherent joy NOW and NOW and NOW and joy-inducing situations will start showing up in gorgeous ways for you.

You are blessed and you know it. Smile. Smile bigger.😊😃😆

You were on channel 1 when you started reading this. That lightness, joy and passion you’re feeling now... that gentle excitement bubbling up in your chest and that smile spreading across your face, that’s channel 2. Stay here, on this channel, in these empowering, go(o)d feels today, no matter what. Stay here like it’s all that matters, ‘cause it’s all that matters. It’s all that MATTERS. That energy state will become matter in your world.


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