Reinventing the Undercut: 19 Undercut Hairstyles Just for You!

By Jennifer Ford

Spring is the time to try a bold new hairstyle. Between bedazzled braids and Rapunzel tresses in colors unimaginable, the menu of edgy hairstyles to try this season is super appetizing and it just got even better.

Creative undercuts are the latest addition to the buffet of styling options, and we’re completely enamored with the buzzy look.


3 Reasons I Can't Stand With Mo'Nique

Mo'Nique & Husband Sidney
By Brenda Alexander

It’s sad when true talent is reduced to a social media gif, meme and trending topic. There’s no denying that Mo’Nique is phenomenal. After years as a comedian, she won an Oscar for her ability to transcend the idea that comics couldn’t handle dramatic roles for her work in Precious. Almost Christmas would have been bland without her. I just knew it would be Mo’Nique’s comeback from years of her negating rumors that she was “difficult to work with” and the assumption that she was blackballed for not playing the game of Hollywood chess. But alas, she remains a pawn in this industry. Her desire to prove she’s right in her stance against the inequalities in the entertainment business has forced her to degrade others along the way. I stand with Mo’Nique in her cry for fair pay and opportunities for blacks. What I don’t stand with is despite signs pointing to the fact that Mo’Nique’s current lack of success is a repercussion of her reputation, cognitive dissonance tells her otherwise. Here are the top three reasons why I cannot support Mo’Niques continued tirade.

Women's History Month: 3 Sisters Created the Largest Black Doll Museum in the World

Photo via Dolledaze
By Winnie Gaturu

What would you do if you had a collection of more than 5,000 dolls? Open a museum, maybe? Well, that's exactly what sisters Felicia Walker, Celeste Cotton and Debra Britt did with the black dolls they’d been collecting for more than 50 years. They would carry the dolls and take them to different venues to educate people about black history and culture, but eventually grew tired of packing and unpacking their huge collection, plus, they were running out of space so they decided to get them a proper home. This wasn't easy. It took 5 years to find a good location, a 3,500 square feet property in Mansfield, Massachusetts. And that's how the National Black Doll Museum, the largest in the world, came to be. 

'From the Bottom Up' Season 3 Rebuilds With a New Cast

 Cast of 'From the Bottom Up' Season 3
 By Mwabi Kaira

The court of public opinion is tough. One misleading headline or wrong information can change a person’s whole life and there’s no convincing anyone of the truth once the untruth is out there. Our judicial system is even worse, you can serve your time but forever have the label follow you. We talk redemption but barely allow it. We are quick to throw people away instead of rehabilitating them and welcoming them back to society with no judgement.

BET Her’s From the Bottom Up takes black women who have been to the bottom and are making their way back to the top. In the Season 3 opener we meet new cast members Brandi Davis, Angela Stanton and Tamika Wright. Brandi and Angela served time in prison and are navigating their lives as convicted felons now that they are back home.


Remember When You Wanted What You Currently Have? #BeHerNow

Nikki Walton
Think of something you’ve been trying to manifest... something you want BAD. See it in your mind’s eye. Now, think of a thing or experience you used to want, but now have. See it in your mind’s eye.

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