Last week I conducted a little experiment with my 4 detangling co-wash conditioners. Three trials were conducted 🙂 In each trial, I got in the shower, wet my hair and divided it into two sections. I applied one conditioner to the right, and another to the left, and slightly wet the hair again (this helps to activate the conditioner and provide the best slip). I then proceeded to shower, shaved and finally detangled (first with my fingers then with the Jilbere comb). I judged the winner based on the easiest detangling session, and smallest amount of hair lost to the cause. I was testing for slip, moisture, and scent. Slip was the most important factor.

1st Trial:

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration vs. TIGI Moisture Maniac

Although both conditioners detangled well, HH was the clear winner. It detangled like a dream, smelled lovely (if you don’t mind a perfumey smell) and imparted a decent level of moisture. My hair felt great!!! The TIGI side was a little harder to detangle, but it definitely provided more moisture and a better, lighter scent. Although TIGI rated higher on the moisture factor, it wasn’t so significant that I’d choose to pay 12 dollars over 2 for the HH. Plus, I don’t leave it in, and my leave-ins impart wayyyy more moisture than TIGI ever could. Round 1 goes to HELLO HYDRATION!

2nd Trial:

Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner Vs. Paul Mitchell the Detangler

Now don’t get me wrong, Trader Joe’s NSC use to be a HG for me!!!! I loved it. I only stopped using it because it contains a small amount of protein (soy), and my hair, for some reason, detests protein. It makes my hair hard and rigid. I never had this reaction to TJ’s, I just stopped using it as a preventative measure. My girl Angie (Frizzcurls at suggested that I revisit it, so I picked up a bottle last weekend. It detangled okay, but it wasn’t moisturizing enough. Also, I don’t care too much for the smell. I like really creamy conditioners and TJ ain’t cuttin’ it. The PM Detangler has been a long time favorite as well (using it off and on since 2006). I don’t care for the smell, but the consistency is perfect. It detangles like a dream- I lost very little hair during the detangling process. The moisture levels, however, leave much to be desired. The winner of this round:

3rd trial:

Herbal Essence’s Hello Hydration vs. Paul Mitchell the Detangler

Both conditioners detangle like none other! My hair loves both of these. It was close, but HH is the overall winner. It imparts the most moisture and left my hair so slippery that detangling only took a few minutes. PM is a close second and I will continue to keep it on hand. By the way, the Generic Value version of PM at Sally’s works just the same. Try it out!

So, what do you think?! Leave a comment about your experiences with any of these 4 conditioners. Do you agree…disagree?